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Needle felting is a process by which one tangles wool fibers together using a barbed needle to create small dolls, animals, and other soft objects. It’s a beginner-friendly sculpting method with a range of creative possibilities, and all you need to get started is some wool and a few tools. To save time and money, consider a felting kit, which offers tools and materials in one convenient package. Browse our roundup of the best options, below, to make your choice a little easier.

1. Woolbuddy Needle Felting Starter Kit

This nicely packaged kit comes with 15 colors of all-natural wool, with each bundle weighing a generous 10 grams, plus a 30-gram ball of white wool, which is enough to create six or seven adorable palm-size creatures. This is an excellent kit for learning in a small group setting because it also comes with six 36-gauge needles that are sturdy enough to use without a wooden handle. You also receive three finger guards. The instructions for making designs like a cake, a pig, and a penguin are clearly illustrated with color photographs so young ones (ages 8 and up) can follow along with ease.

Woolbuddy Needle Felting Starter Kit


2. West Bay Needle Felting Kit

If you’re already totally invested in needle felting and want a larger selection of tools, consider this kit. You get 48 skeins of ultrafine wool roving—each weighing three grams—plus 12 needles in three sizes, templates to aid in shaping the felt, and lots of fittings to turn your creations into keychains of different styles. There are also instructions should you need them, but they are of a general nature rather than step-by-step guides to replicate specific designs. A double-decker case makes travel and storage a breeze.

West Bay Needle Felting Kit


3. Desert Breeze Premium Needle Felting Kit

If you’re a new needle felter but feel confident enough to work with some truly luxurious fibers, we recommend this deluxe kit that comes with over 250 grams of premium wool, including white wool roving, 12 colors of New Zealand wool processed in Italy, and five colors of merino wool processed in Great Britain. The wool is dyed to gorgeous hues—the colors are much more subtle and unique than those in other kits, which tend to be quite bright. Artists also receive 15 high-quality German felting needles in three sizes, two leather finger guards, a pure wool felting cushion, and instructions on how to make an owl. There will be enough wool left over for at least four palm-size projects of your own design. Recommended for ages 10 and up.

Best Needle Felting Kits

Desert Breeze Premium Needle Felting Kit


4. WoolPets Needle Felting Craft Kit

If you’re on the fence about whether felting is your kind of craft, perhaps it’s best to start small. WoolPets offers kits with enough material to create one item (or sometimes two), and you can have your pick of a delightful range of creatures. Choose an easy project like a kitten or sea otter, or an intermediate one such as this border collie, and follow detailed instructions to felt it with high-quality New Zealand wool roving. And you don’t have to worry about messing up; more than enough wool is included for your project.

Best Needle Felting Kits

WoolPets Needle Felting Craft Kit


5. DMC Patch Art Metal Shapes

Are you into visible mending? Use these metal forms to repair your worn garments with felted wool. The results will be tactile, dimensional mends, whether you’re patching up a jacket, a scarf, or a pair of gloves. The set comes with two round and two flower-shaped forms plus instructions for creating puffy wool patches. Note that wool roving and needles are not included.

Best Needle Felting Kits

DMC Patch Art Metal Shapes



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