Character sparks illustrator’s creativeness for children’s books

"Turning the Page," Elizabeth Lampman Davis’ solo exhibition at the Artport Gallery takes inspiration from nature and diversity.

Illustrator Elizabeth Lampman Davis rejoices in the terrific outside. Her creativity runs wild in huge open spaces, on mountainous trails and deep in magical woods. She remembers her childhood backyard and how a boxwood bush was transformed into a beautifully cozy fort for her 5-year-old self. Her grandparents’ plush location rug offered roadways for her to drive tiny vehicles to alongside its designs. 

When Lampman Davis sketches out strategies for children’s guides, this creativity serves her very well. A wheelbarrow no extended only hauls garden trash but can also blast off like a spaceship or dive underwater like a submarine. Inspiration arrives from her two youngsters and their energetic spirits as nicely as memories from her personal childhood. 

Elizabeth Lampman Davis’ solo exhibition at the Artport Gallery brings visibility to children who are often underrepresented in children’s literature.

“It was back again in the days when children would be pushed out of the entrance door and mom and dad would say to arrive again when it begins obtaining dim for supper,” states Lampman Davis. “You have this fantastic freedom of exploring in the woods by your self, or with a sibling or pal. I cherished making forts in the woods, skipping rocks and fishing. It makes me happy to feel about, which can make me want to build one thing that displays that form of joy.”