Clean 2021 Yearly Images Exhibition

Image © Thomas Kellner and VG Bild-Kunst Bonn / courtesy of Klompching Gallery, New York.

Fresh 2021 Once-a-year Photography EXHIBITION

September 15 – October 30, 2021

Opening Reception: September 18, 1:00–4:00pm

The Fresh new 2021 Once-a-year Images Exhibition is introduced by the Klompching Gallery in New York Town. Now in its 10th calendar year, the exhibition is curated from an worldwide open up phone for submissions of photographic artworks.

Reflecting how photography is recognized across unique platforms, the Fresh new Once-a-year Pictures Exhibition incorporates the 3 features of screen, publication and dissemination: an exhibition, a printed catalog and an on line showcase.

From this team of 20 finalists, 5 photographers are curated into the exhibition. Fresh new 2021, affords the artists a rare and covetable opportunity, to have their do the job offered on the partitions of a single of New York’s top artwork galleries, and to get pivotal exposure in 1 of the art world’s most vivid metropolitan areas.

The Contemporary 2021 exhibiting artists are: Thomas Kellner, Karen Navarro, Holly Roberts, Aline Smithson, and Ingrid Weyland.

The fifteen Clean 2021 finalists highlighted in the on the web showcase are: Jon Scott Anderson, Debra Bilow, Beth Dow, Carol Erb, Iwona Germanek, Rebecca Hackemann, Toni Pepe, Paul Rider, Kristin Schnell, Leslie Sheryll, John Slepian, Liz Steketee, Brandy Trigueros, Jonas Yip, Michael Youthful.

With 50 percent-timbered Homes of the Siegen Industrial Region Nowadays, Thomas Kellner brings a new, modern treatment to the 20th century tropes championed by Bernd and Hilla Becher’s typologies. Kellner has documented 19 of the remaining fifty percent-timbered houses in the Siegenland location of Germany. The modest-scale photographs—crisp in target with a blurred history mimicking a shallow depth-of-field, and with a desaturated coloration profile—transform the structures into something other-worldly, akin to diorama-like miniature props. 

Aline Smithson’s Fugue Condition Revisited is an exquisite visible commentary on the likely decline of photographic archives and records. Using the corrupted digital information from a vintage tough drive, the artist has overprinted ruined photos with cyanotypes. One might see these as currently being a 19th century blue-print (the cyanotype), in dialogue with a 21st century blue-print (binary code). Prosperous in coloration, and dynamic in variety, the images talk to memory (authentic and imagined) and the part that the photograph performs inside this context. 

The unconventional portraiture of Karen Navarro, explores themes of multiplicity of identification and self-illustration. The Manufactured Self sequence, consists of striking colourful, sculptural objects that incorporate paint, wood, embossing and resin. The physical deconstruction of the photograph, incorporated by the artist on artworks that variety in measurement from petite to legendary, rework and problem the custom of portraiture and images alike.

Artworks commenting upon environmental concerns continue on to be all pervasive, with Ingrid Weyland bringing a unique and authentic approach to the subject. Via her lushly coloured images of Argentinian landscapes—Topographies of Fragility—she remarks on the decline and deterioration of the ecosystem, by a actual physical form of paper destruction in her photographs—crumpled imagery laid atop the identical photographic vista. The artist’s authorship is tranquil and understated, with the artwork requiring an lively wanting on the section of the viewer. 

The artist Holly Roberts asks a basic question—How substantially photographic information and facts does one particular need to have to outline a deal with? The Ten Portraits collection consists of abstracted collages, using a restrained shade palette, put together with the occasional pop of coloration. Ink washes mesh with images. Whimsical, fantastical and echoing the 20th century Surrealists, the artworks challenge the idea of portraiture, employing a bare minimal of visual clues. 

The exhibition represents a variety of methods and therapies in present photographic observe. Each individual calendar year, the Contemporary open up connect with reveals frequent developments, subjects and themes—this results in being component of the foundation for the exhibition’s curatorial eyesight. For this tenth edition of the Clean Annual Images Exhibition, we have the moment all over again witnessed an overarching remedy of images as object, and a vehicle for re-imagining the artist’s respective narratives in progressive physical forms. These solutions, could possibly also be explained as reframing the photograph, as perfectly as productively putting these photographic objects into properly-proven contexts. 

The Refreshing Once-a-year Photography Exhibition was launched by Darren Ching and Debra Klomp Ching in 2011, and displays the passion and dedication Klompching Gallery has for contemporary fine art photographs, as very well as furnishing chances for artists in their quest for recognition and achievements in their field.

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