Islander leaves real estate career behind to travel the world, and help others enjoy such adventures | News, Sports, Jobs

Claudia Allene. PHOTO PROVIDED

Claudia Allene enjoys spending her time traveling the world. Because people often find themselves wishing they could visit faraway places, but stop at that thought because the idea of visiting a foreign land seems too frightening, Allene began her business, Claudia Around The World Tours.

She designed this business with the idea that far too many people let the unknown stop them from exploring the world. Allene will take up to 16 people on tour to any part of the world they want to see, and said, often by the end of the trip those in the group have forged a life-long friendship.

Allene’s groups are kept small so she can provide attention to everyone throughout these excursions, which generally last for 10 days. The key, she said, is in giving people a lot of free time to explore, as she is not interested in micro-managing the trips.

“I’ve always been a big traveler. I was in real estate, as a broker. I closed down my real estate office and said I’m going to travel around the world for a year. I decided to take a trip and one year turned into two, two years turned into three, and I did not come home for three years,” Allene said.

With that, a new chapter was written in her life, as she realized she was uniquely qualified for this business, where she could not only do what she loved, but help others to explore the world at the same time. Believing real estate would ground her from her exploration, Allene said, there was no way she could do both, so she decided to follow her dream out of the office and into the tourism industry.

Claudia Allene in Lima, Peru. PHOTO PROVIDED

“I have so many clients that don’t know anyone where they’re going, they’re scared to travel, and then we all go and we come back as family,” Allene said.

Available for travel consultation, speaking engagements and group tour information, Allene said she’s happy to design the trip and accompany any group interested in a dream destination headed anywhere around the globe. Her desire is to teach people to confidently travel wherever they would like to go, void of anxiety.

Often when in another country, Allene said, people are initially fixated on staying close by her side, only to run off on their own to explore, by the second day of the trip.

“I want to show people what a big beautiful world this is and how easy it is to travel,” Allene said.

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