How to Travel the World for Free (or Almost Free)

Traveling the world is its own form of education, but for students or graduates saddled with student debt, even road-tripping can seem financially out of reach.

However, there are ways to travel the world for free, or nearly free, if you are willing to work for it. Enter part-time gigs, side hustles and other methods that allow you to travel and stay in the U.S. or abroad for next to nothing:

1. Transport goods and even pets 2. Housesit or pet sit your way into a vacation stay 3. Become a travel nanny 4. Do domestic work (and blog about it) 5. Get your hands dirty (on an organic farm) 6. Learn about your heritage and travel for free Plus: Other ways to see the world more cheaply

1. Transport goods and even pets

There’s no better classic getaway than a cross-country road trip. Unfortunately, between gas, hotels, and food,

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