51 Fun Fall Activities to Get You Through the Season

With its clear, cool, humidity-free days, gorgeous golden palette and emphasis on eating all the baked goods, fall is unequivocally, indisputably the greatest season ever. (Sorry, summer lovers.) Here, your epic bucket list of 51 fall activities—grab your flannel and Criminal Defense Lawyers in Fort Worth get excited, folks.

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Or half a dozen of them (no judgments). Even better, make your own with our recipe for apple cider doughnut holes.

So what if our house smells like a Yankee Candle IRL…we secretly love those. Wanna DIY it? We’ll be sipping on this mulled wine sangria all season long.

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Fill your picnic basket with the essentials: wine, grapes, a baguette and enough cheese for 15 people—despite being a two-person picnic.

First, find an orchard in your neck of the woods.

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7 ideas for fun virtual retreats you can do right from your home

“I was in Spain this morning,” my mom cheerfully said to me the other day. Only that’s not actually possible since travel is so limited in the age of the coronavirus. What my mother later explained was that with the use of her BFF during lockdown Alexa, she has been visiting a new destination every single morning. And upon her urging, I virtually joined my mother for a train ride through the Canadian Rockies and later a jaunt through Zion National Park.

Whether your state has strict rules on travel this summer or you’ve decided to stay home until there’s a coronavirus vaccine, there are ways to virtually escape without leaving the comfort of your couch.

1. Virtual wine tasting: In June, Acker Wines, America’s oldest wine shop launched a virtual tasting series, All-Stars Uncorked, featuring some of the top names in the NBA including Carmelo Anthony, JJ Redick,

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