10 essential safety tips for traveling alone

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Traveling solo can be a big responsibility – unlike when you tour with a group of friends or your family, one only has themself to depend on while on a solo trip.  Touring ‘God’s own nation’ on your own can truly be a treat, as long as it’s carried out in a safe and secure manner. Purchasing a Kerala trip package is not enough to secure one’s solo travel in the state; instead, vigilant, responsible tourism should be practiced as well. However, there is no reason to be nervous, or back out from a vacation simply because those around you couldn’t make it. Here are some easy tricks that one can and should practice to make sure their trip goes off without a hitch.

Essential safety tips for traveling alone in Kerala

Make travel bookings

Before venturing out on your solo trip, make sure you have your itinerary ready. It is best to make all essential travel bookings beforehand so as nothing is left to the very last minute. This includes purchasing train or flight tickets, or booking the car if it is deemed absolutely essential. One should also have their room pre-booked at the choice hotel or hostel, most of which can be done online. If convenient, one can even ask the hotel to arrange pick up from the airport or the railway station. Taxis and cabs at airports and stations tend to charge an exorbitant rate from tourists, and it is best to avoid them.

Take photos of taxi license plates

This is just an extra safe to make sure your travel is as safe as possible. Tourists have been known to be harassed by local taxi drivers. Before getting on a taxi, make sure you have the picture of the license plate captured. Don’t be embarrassed to let the cab driver see what you are doing, either. This way, the driver remains aware that their license plate is in check, and can be submitted to the local authorities should a problematic situation arise on their end.

Make copies of your documents

Make multiple copies of all your documents, whether you deem it necessary or not. This would include all your identity cards, credit and debit cards, vaccination certificates, hotel booking vouchers and flight or rail tickets. It would also be wise to store these copies separately, perhaps in a file or folder stowed away at the bottom of your primary travel bag or suitcase. That way, if you happen to lose something during travel, you can not only have the photocopies ready for details but also file a case to the local authorities. It would also come in handy if, in a worst case scenario, your cards happen to be stolen.

Keep your family up to date

Try to keep your family and friends up to date about where you are, and when you are there. Start by sending your itinerary to about two to three people. If there are any changes of plans, make sure to let your family know. Keeping them updated through regular phone calls, text messages and pictures could also be a good idea. If you’re taking a train or a flight, make sure to send them the details of the flight and train number, exact time and location of arrival and departure. In case you have a car pre-booked, make sure someone in your family has the name and number of the driver as well.

There is absolutely no need to grow overly anxious about traveling alone to a new city. A little extra responsibility, a little more vigilance and presence of mind is all that one would need to make sure that their solo trip in Kerala goes as smoothly as possible. Like many other major cities, the locals in Kerala extend a great amount of hospitality, and in most cases, tourists are almost never faced with issues related to safety. However, solely for one’s peace of mind, it can never be a bad idea to keep these few safety tricks in hand and employ them as much and as frequently as possible.

Story by Maanvir Jaglan

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