10 Valentine’s Day Zoom Ideas For Celebrating With A Long-Distance Partner

When it comes to socially-distant dating in 2021, nothing says, “I love you,” like Postmates and FaceTime. And suppose you’re trying to do something special to do for Feb. 14. In that case, these Valentine’s Day Zoom ideas for celebrating with a long-distance partner are sure to heighten your connection — emotionally and wirelessly.

If absence makes the heart grow fonder, long-distance dating in a global pandemic is about as fond as it can get. With travel restrictions and social-distancing orders, it may be challenging to know when you and your love will next be reunited. But video chatting means you won’t miss a beat, and these at-home dates are sure to keep your romance remote (and totally hot).

From a virtual vineyard tour to a joint astrology reading, here are 10 Zoom Valentine’s Day Dates for your long-distance lover.

Pull out your glue sticks and those scissors with fun borders (read: run to the dollar store and pick up a bunch of cheap craft supplies you’ll use one time). Have an old-school DIY Valentine date night over Zoom with all the dollies and Fun-Dip your heart could desire. Bonus points if you send each other your Valentines in the mail.


Be Star (Sign)-Crossed Lovers

If your love is written in the stars, spend Valentine’s Day reading them. Hire an astrologer or tarot reader to get into your natal charts. Light candles and sage, play some Stevie Nicks, and get bewitched with your beloved.

While you can’t Netflix and chill IRL, you can start to watch a movie apart-together, only to get distracted by each other’s rockin’ bods. Cue up a rom-com (or use an extension that lets you both watch) and snuggle up for a virtual movie night. If you’re feeling a little frisky, ditch the movie to talk dirty on the phone, touch yourself on video chat, or swap some sexy texts.


Go On A Memory Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of all your favorite memories — trips you’ve taken, fun date nights, little knick-knacks you’ve got each other — and create a relationship scavenger hunt. Something like, “The first one to find a picture of the last time you saw each other gets five points!” Set a timer and decide on a fun prize for the winner.

Taking an online class with your boo will make you feel like you’re giving a Valentine to your middle school crush. If you and your boo have always wanted to make fancy cocktails, learn a different language, or pick up a new hobby, take a fun online class together for V-Day. (Bonus points for texting each other while the instructor is speaking.)


Host A Virtual Staycation

Quarantine may have squashed your upcoming vacation plans, but you and your boo can still get away. Well, you can drink Tiki drinks in your living room on Zoom. Do a virtual stay vacation together. Pick a city you’ve always wanted to go to and spend V-Day eating its food, listening to its music, and pretending that you’re far, far away.


Tour A Virtual Vineyard (Or Brewery)

What’s better than trying a bunch of wine, beer, or cider? Trying a bunch of beverages in your pajamas, while lounging on the couch. Take your date for a virtual wine tasting. You can select wines you want to try together (hello Two Buck Chuck) or go for a virtual vineyard tour like Kendall-Jackson.


Make Sweets For Your Sweet

Nothing brings people together like food — especially junk food. Decide a snack you both want to make and get to cooking. Whether you get all the same indigents at the store (or order from a pre-order shop like Baketivity), making some sweets together over Zoom will fill your heart and your tummy.

Get ready to wave your lighter in the air (or a picture of a lighter on your iPhone). See if your favorite band, artist, or performing arts group is doing live shows on Zoom (or just cue up an old video of a pre-COVID performance ) and take your boo to a virtual show. Do you like ballet? Opera? Dad rock? It’s all a click away.


Recreate Your First Date

Think about your first date (or an early date that you both cherish) and recreate it at home. Did you get bad coffee and soggy pastries from that overpriced place down the street? Thai food? Were you an hour late, but they dated you anyway? While it may be hard to plan the future right now, it’s a great time to go down memory lane. Spend V-Day remembering all the good times you’ve shared together.