17 At Home Date Ideas to Get You Out of Your Netflix Rut

We’ve gotten a lot miles out of the old Netflix and chill over the past nine months. We’ve got nothing against a good binge but let’s be honest, it’s time to shake things up. Luckily, you don’t technically need to leave home to have a fun—maybe even spicy—date night. Here’s TK at home date ideas guaranteed to keep things interesting. 

1. The Two Course Tango

Apps and desserts are our favorite bites, always—seriously, why eat anything else? The two-course tango involves two rooms, and two courses. One of you tackles apps and cocktails, one of you tackles dessert and aperitifs. Keep your menu as secret as possible! Whether you go full-on steak tartare and sundae bar, or stick to Totino’s and Oreos, make your spread lavish and treat your partner to all their faves in your category.

2. Prom Night

Whether you peaked as prom queen or skipped the party altogether, create a DIY do-over in your living room. Black tie not optional, balloons recommended, and no chaperones necessary. “Crazy In Love” better be on that 2000s hits list you craft, or, get the hairspray out, and make it an ‘80s theme. Now that you’re of age, a spiked punchbowl can elevate your cheers to this year’s prom QuaranQueen (hint: it’s you).

3. HGTV Live

Tackle a not-so-extreme home makeover together. Turn your dresser into a bright accent piece, wallpaper your closet door, or build a new cozy bench with an Ikea hack

4. Take a virtual trip

Traveling is a no-go, but you can bring the world to you with these foreign films and foods. For a “trip” to Korea, rent Train to Busan and then check out the guide to the best Korean takeout in every state from Goghism. Or you can explore Hungary with 2017’s quirky and romantic On Body and Soul, which is about two coworkers turning their dreams into reality. You’re the chef du cuisine with Julia, a private Budapest tour guide who made her culinary experiences virtual. Your cost is credit toward a future tour with her someday. A dream come true!

5. Rewrite the stars

Whether you’re an astrology junkie or you think the cosmos is bogus, you’ll want to review The Pattern’s compatibility report for romance or friendship. Discuss together if there’s some truth in your star signs by exploring your shared chart. You can see if you’d be better off with your celeb crush too, based on birth times and locations. 

6. Time Travel

You can’t leave your house, but you can Marty McFly your way through history (Delorean not included). 

Revolution 1770s: Make a hearty stew and cheers with a ‘knock me down’ ale, cue this playlist, and rock Baroque dance moves. Or if you channel the women of the era by just watching Hamilton, that’s cool too (*werk*).

Roaring 1920s: Don a Gatsbian headpiece, pull recipes from Fannie Merrit Farmer’s cookbook, boogie some Charleston (or watch the pros) with these hits playing in the background. Slang vocab encouraged—no judgment if you get zozzled on jag juice with your jelly beans.

7. Question Your Love

From talking about superpowers to staring deeply into each other’s eyes, the New York Times’ 36 Questions is a classic way to fall (deeper) in love. If you haven’t done these in a while, see how 2020 may have changed some of your answers .

8. Critics’ choice

Pick your favorite cuisine, research your city’s top three takeout options, and order them all. Tally up your reviews on flavor, texture, presentation, and ordering experience. Formally declare a household winner—trophies encouraged. Happy bellies and full hearts guaranteed. 

9. Puzzle it

You may have mastered yet another 1000 piece puzzle, but jigsaws aren’t the only kind a
vailable. Puzzled Pint offers free monthly puzzle games. You can work as a team, or if you’re feeling competitive, print two copies and go head-to-head.

10. Pick your position

Working to boost intimate communication? Chicago-based sex therapist Michelle Herzog, LMFT, CST recommended this exercise: on slips of paper, write anything sexual or intimate that turns you on—or, you can focus on things that you’ve tried, or want to try, or just have heard of and are curious about. Next, drop them into a hat and take turns pulling the slips out and talking them through with your partner. You’ll open up, and get some new ideas to spice up your bedroom routine (or kitchen, or shower…). “There is no pressure to engage in any of these activities, as it’s simply a way to encourage sexual communication,” Herzog said. “This is a great opportunity for couples to get curious about each other while having a more fluid sexual conversation.”

11. Make a move

From Puerto Rican Salsa to Colombian Cumbia to Argentine Tango, AirBnB Experiences brings global dance experts to your living room for an online dance lesson you’ll never forget. Grab your partner and those dancing shoes. There’s Bhangra, twerking, and wheelchair dance too—something for every style.

12. Have a karaoke night

Grab a PartyPass for KaraFun, a karaoke library with 39,000 songs. What duet will showcase your perfect harmony? Or go for an all-out lip sync battle instead (Chrissy Teigen unfortunately not included).

13. Takeout roulette

Invite your double date partners to a virtual date with a twist. Set a time for delivery, a budget, and schedule your favorite local dishes to land on their doorstep (have them do the same for you and your partner). Hop on Zoom and see some friendly faces while supporting your go-to neighborhood spots.

14. Role play

Character play can be a sexy way to escape when quarantine has you feeling a bit glum and trapped. Get creative and dream up your alter-egos (hello, Janet Snakehole). Commit to a full hour of acting, improv, and general silliness. Make sure to discuss boundaries in advance, and see where the night takes you. 

15. Try acroyoga

Acroyoga will make you feel like you’re flying. With options for all flexibility levels, the partnered practice stretches the mind, tests your trust, and builds your strength as a team. Find a safe local studio or virtual course to flow and fly together.

16. Make a bed picnic

Padma Lakshmi made her dreamy date idea famous in this 2009 interview.The Top Chef host makes a pot of tea and a couple cute sammies, dons her snazziest PJs, and enjoys this delicate feast right on top of crisp sheets. For messy eaters, we suggest planning for this one right before laundry day.

17. Spend some time solo

Have intentional solo date nights—aka dedicated you time—in parallel. Especially in close quarters with only each other, it’s extra important to carve out space to do that thing you love that your partner has zero interest in. Time for making your macrame while they bake cookies? An hour to binge Blown Away while they read sci-fi on the couch? Choose time apart, so you have something new and your own to discuss at pillowtalk.

Stefanie Groner is determined to have as much fun without leaving the house as possible. If you know someone who would enjoy these date ideas with Stef, you can slide into her DMs @stefsnapshots.

Originally Appeared on Glamour