2022 State Visual Arts Competition Results

The 2022 State Visible Arts level of competition took position in Quick City this 12 months on March 17-19.


  • Course AA 3RD Spot, from Brookings High University, is Brooke Seeley
  • RUNNER-UP, from Sioux Falls Roosevelt High College, is Silas Olson
  • Winner, from O’Gorman High College, is Harris Barnes
  • Class A 3RD Position, from Beresford High University, is Grace Norling
  • RUNNER-UP, from Aberdeen Roncalli High College, is Gianna Mitzel
  • Winner, from Tri-ValleyHigh University, is Makayla O’Neill
  • Class B RUNNER-UP, from Mount Vernon High College, is Gracie Fillaus
  • Champion, from Northwestern High University, is Savannah Keifer

Digital Media/Graphic Style and design

  • Class AA 3RD Put, from Sioux Falls Washington High Faculty, is Kaden Knutson
  • RUNNER-UP, from O’Gorman High School, is Amy Longo
  • Winner, from Sturgis Brown High School, is Hope Burkhalter
  • Course A 3RD Spot, from Beresford High Faculty, is Marshall Lyle
  • RUNNER-UP, from Aberdeen Roncalli High School, is Halle Kuck
  • Winner, from Chamberlain High School, is Toree Mosel
  • Class B 3RD Area, from Mount Vernon High College, is Myles Nicholson
  • RUNNER-UP, from Burke High School, is Triston Massa
  • Winner, from Northwestern High Faculty, is Annie Dvorak


  • Class AA 3RD Area, from Sioux Falls Roosevelt High College, is JaLeigha Kambeitz
  • RUNNER-UP, from Brookings High College, is Grace Clark
  • Champion, from Sioux Falls Jefferson High School, is Daleth Vazquez
  • Class A 3RD Position, from Custer High College, is Isabelle Martinez
  • RUNNER-UP, from Aberdeen Roncalli High College, is Olivia Ulmer
  • Champion, from Parker High College, is Olivia Anderson
  • Class B 3RD Area, from Burke High Faculty, is Elenna Koenig
  • RUNNER-UP, from Alcester-Hudson High Faculty, is Kate Teunissen
  • Champion, from Wessington Springs High University, is Brock Krueger

Drawing (Colored)

  • Class AA 3RD Put, from Sturgis Brown High University, is Brooklyn delaPena
  • RUNNER-UP, from Sioux Falls Roosevelt High Faculty, is JaLeigha Kambeitz
  • Winner, from Sioux Falls Jefferson High School, is Alexis Maskovich-DeBoer
  • Course A 3RD Place, from Tri-Valley High Faculty, is Aerin Geary
  • RUNNER-UP, from Parker High Faculty, is Rachel Becker
  • Champion, from Chamberlain High College, is Keanu Herman
  • Class B 3RD Place, from Burke High School, is Dani Carlson
  • RUNNER-UP, from Northwestern High College, is Gregory Nelson
  • Winner, from Wessington Springs High School, is Sarah Poncelow

Functional Ceramics

  • Class AA 3RD Place, from Sioux Falls Lincoln High Faculty, is Maizey Waldner
  • RUNNER-UP, from Sioux Falls Jefferson High School, is Angel Anderson
  • Winner, from Sioux Falls Roosevelt High University, is Dylan Ligtenberg
  • Course A 3RD Position, from Custer High Faculty, is Serenity Meyer
  • RUNNER-UP, from Parker High School, is Josie Leberman
  • Champion, from Beresford High Faculty, is Kelsie Knutson
  • Course B 3RD Put, from Highmore-Harrold High School, is Hannah Ziegler
  • RUNNER-UP, from Northwestern High University, is Ali Wilkins-Walters
  • Winner, from Mount Vernon High School, is Jayden Jones

Blended Media

  • Class AA 3RD Position, from Sioux Falls Jefferson High Faculty, is Isy Hastings
  • RUNNER-UP, from O’Gorman High School, is Ava Hillberg
  • Champion, from Sioux Falls Roosevelt High University, is Alexandra Brenner
  • Class A 3RD Location, from Chamberlain High Faculty, is Aurora Wright
  • RUNNER-UP, from Aberdeen Roncalli High College, is Rose Gutenkauf
  • Champion, from Parker High School, is Anthony Anderson
  • Class B 3RD Place, from Highmore-Harrold High College, is Bailey Dean
  • RUNNER-UP, from Northwestern High University, is Natasha Kaderabek
  • Winner, from Mount Vernon High School, is Kaleb Hawk

Portray (Oil and Acrylic)

  • Class AA 3RD Spot, from O’Gorman High College, is Amy Longo
  • RUNNER-UP, from Brookings High College, is Kennedy Gibson
  • Winner, from Sioux Falls Jefferson High Faculty, is Isy Hastings
  • Class A 3RD Location, from Parker High College, is Lanie Kaas
  • RUNNER-UP, from Custer High College, is Isabelle Martinez
  • Winner, from Beresford High College, is Addy Wills
  • Course B 3RD Spot, from White River High School, is Goldiawna Haukaas
  • RUNNER-UP, from Northwestern High College, is Kaylei Bauman
  • Winner, from Wessington Springs High University, is Faith Easter

Portray (Watercolor)

  • Class AA 3RD Area, from Brandon Valley High University, is Emma Nelson
  • RUNNER-UP, from Pierre T.F. Riggs High College, is LizBeth Crosby
  • Winner, from Sioux Falls Lincoln High College, is Ella Ratliff
  • Course A 3RD Location, from Tri-Valley High School, is Carly Rickenbaugh
  • RUNNER-UP, from Beresford High School, is Addy Wills
  • Champion, from Chamberlain High School, is Toree Mosel
  • Course B 3RD Location, from Wessington Springs High University, is Haeleigh Mulder
  • RUNNER-UP, from Mount Vernon High University, is Damani Casillas
  • Winner, from Northwestern High Faculty, is Natasha Kaderabek


  • Class AA 3RD Position, from Sioux Falls Washington High School, is Kierra Baumberger
  • RUNNER-UP, from O’Gorman High Faculty, is Ryleigh Tupper
  • Winner, from Pierre T.F. Riggs High School, is Vick Becker
  • Class A 3RD Location, from Hamlin High School, is Jake Bailly
  • RUNNER-UP, from Tri-Valley High University, is Angel Sees
  • Champion, from Parker High College, is Bogdan Maruskevych
  • Class B 3RD Area, from Mount Vernon High School, is Emily Maltsberger
  • RUNNER-UP, from Burke High Faculty, is Udi Enoch
  • Champion, from Northwestern High University, is Natasha Kaderabek

Print Building

  • Class AA 3RD Spot, from Brookings High Faculty, is Jocelyn Zerr
  • RUNNER-UP, from Sioux Falls Lincoln High School, is Ella Ratliff
  • Champion, from Brandon Valley High College, is Elsa Davis
  • Class A 3RD Put, from Vermillion High College, is Rylie Hoerner
  • RUNNER-UP, from Tri-Valley High College, is Mandy Flannery
  • Champion, from Aberdeen Roncalli High College, is Lillian Jensen
  • Class B 3RD Spot, from White River High University, is Andrew Hoffman
  • RUNNER-UP, from Northwestern High Faculty, is Brooklinn Halvorson
  • Champion, from Mount Vernon High Faculty, is Damani Casillas

A few-Dimensional (3D)

  • Class AA 3RD Put, from Yankton High Faculty, is Arturo Alonso Tenorio
  • RUNNER-UP, from Pierre T.F. Riggs High University, is Vick Becker
  • Champion, from Sioux Falls Lincoln High College, is Lily Westcott
  • Class A 3RD Location, from Beresford High Faculty, is Keely Merrigan
  • RUNNER-UP, from Tea Area High College, is Olivia Kint
  • Winner, from Aberdeen Roncalli High School, is Rose Gutenkauf
  • Class B 3RD Area, from Mount Vernon High School, is Bella Gortmaker
  • RUNNER-UP, from Wessington Springs High College, is Wynand Bothma
  • Winner, from White River High College, is Renegade Wooden Knife

Regular Tradition Artwork

  • Class AA 3RD Place, from Sioux Falls Jefferson High School, is Hannah Bernie
  • RUNNER-UP, from Brookings High School, is Tiana Ferrell
  • Champion, from Yankton High School, is Arturo Alonso Tenorio
  • Class A 3RD Area, from Hamlin High College, is Grace Drew
  • RUNNER-UP, from Beresford High University, is Derek Maas
  • Champion, from Parker High College, is Stella Postma
  • Course B 3RD Location, from Northwestern High University, is Annie Dvorak
  • RUNNER-UP, from Wessington Springs High Faculty, is Haeleigh Mulder
  • Champion, from Mount Vernon High Faculty, is Cole Sandland

Director’s Decision AwardThe winner of this award was picked by the SDHSAA Executive Director as his favored piece in the gallery. This year’s winner is Kennedy Gibson from Brookings Significant College

Very best In Demonstrate Award

The Best in Present award is awarded to just one entry in each class, irrespective of class, with the optimum ranking from the Condition Gallery judges.

  • This year’s Class AA BEST IN Clearly show, with 207 out of 210 possible points in the Print Making category, is Elsa Davis from Brandon ValleyHigh School.
  • This year’s Class A BEST IN Show, with 200 out of 210 feasible points in the Mixed Media category, is Anthony Anderson from Parker High College.
  • This year’s Class B BEST IN Show, with 207 out of 210 achievable details in the Traditional Lifestyle Art category, is Cole Sandland from Mount Vernon High Faculty.

Over-all Staff Champion Award

The In general Workforce Champion Award is awarded to one faculty in each individual course that accumulates the most sweepstakes factors throughout all State Gallery groups.

  • This year’s Class B RUNNER-UP is Mt. Vernon Higher College and their coach, Dana Schuldt
  • This year’s Course B Winner is Northwestern High Faculty and their mentor, Jennifer Schell.
  • This year’s Class A RUNEER-UP is Aberdeen Roncalli Superior University and their mentor, Amy Heinz.
  • This year’s Class A Winner is Parker High School and their coach, Dave Fuller.
  • This year’s Class AA RUNEER-UP is Sioux Falls Jefferson Large College and their coach, Brit Carmany
  • This year’s Class AA Champion is Sioux Falls Roosevelt High University and their coaches Lisa Dresch and Erin Nguyen.

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