5 Okanagan liquor producers that collaborate with visible artists

Wife-partner group Jody and Costas Gavaris know a thing about trying to find balance–in on their own, their relationships and the purely natural entire world. So, imagine of Rigour & Whimsy as the ying and the yang to obtain a minor harmony in their orange (or amber), gamay and syrah wines, to title a couple.

Who are your frequently contributing artists, and why did you want to perform with them?

JG: Art indicates everything to us! We like to function with artists whose get the job done resonates with us and who we experience can use their artistic eyesight and voice to additional skillfully seize and converse the essence of every single of our wines and their stories. We do the job with unique artists on each and every of our wine labels. Most recently, we have worked with Annie Robinson, Sarah Gee Miller, Nicole Young. And this 12 months, we will be functioning with Alexandra Goodall and Aaron Metz.

You’ve labored with lots of diverse artists. Do you have a favourite label?

JG: Oh geez, that is a rough query. We have new favourites each year–I would probably have to go with the watercolour painted by Annie Robinson that adorns our very first two vintages of wines (2016 and 2017 Pinot Blanc). Annie and I were colleagues in our earlier urban employment and lived in Vancouver. To me, this portray represents hope, eyesight, alignment, integrity, transformation and peace–all the attributes that held us likely while we ended up in the midst of a big lifestyle transition, and stored our eyes on the horizon that we had been dreaming up and dwelling into.   

What came very first, the artwork or the form of wine? 

JG: Undoubtedly the form of wine. We begun this ridiculous business enterprise due to the fact Costa is OBSESSED with wine. So in our approach, we like to permit the wines–and his inventive eyesight in developing them–lead the relaxation of our innovative approach. The vintage (weather, troubles, opportunities), the winemaking techniques, and everything that the wine gets to us in conditions of what it suggests and signifies.  

Do you integrate commissioned art in any other means as a result of your business enterprise? 

JG: Certainly! We also incorporate commissioned art into the postcards we incorporate on our hand-signed thank you playing cards that accompany every of our on line get shipments.