5 photographers who are making big ETH from NFTs

At Kulturehub, we have touched on the ever-expanding market of photographers and NFTs many times.

But, we are more than willing to give a summary to those who are unfamiliar with their unique place in the art world. NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens) are any digital assets that people pay real money to own. In the art world specifically, they are pretty much any piece of art that can be purchased and owned digitally.

NFT’s are an interesting and somewhat controversial technological and artistic topic. Some people believe that NFT’s are the art of the future. Some people scoff at the idea of owning something that is subjective “not real.”

However, as our society c ontinues becoming more reliant on technology, the existence of NFT’s and NFT artists has slowly become increasingly legitimized.

It’s also important to remember that nothing legitimizes art more than money and popularity. NFT’s are becoming more and more popular every day, and people are investing more and more money into digital artwork.

Lately, people have been paying outrageous amounts of money for photographs. Photographs that are deemed iconic are particularly popular. Let’s take a look at 5 photographers who are already heavy in the NFT circuit.

“Love Is War” by Aimos Vasquez – NFT sale price $125,000 (40 ETH)

xxxtentaion nft
Via GrungeCake

You may be familiar with Aimos Vasquez from this extremely iconic black and white photo that he took of XXXTentacion. The photo is currently the only photo left on X’s Instagram, the second most liked photo, and the most commented photo in Instagram history.

The photo was placed in a collection of his concert photos entitled: “Now Crediting: Aimos”, and was auctioned as an NFT. It was put to auction on the online asset marketplace Blockparty and the collection sold for an undisclosed amount of money.

Aimos is still snapping dope pics of your favorite artist. If you want to support him and his amazing photography, check out his Instagram and the portfolio on his website


“Until We Disappear” x “White Roses for My Soul To Keep” by Randall Slavin – Combined sale price $22,000 (6.8 ETH)

photographer nft
“Until We Disappear” (courtesy of Randall Slavin)

On May 18, 2017, rock legend Chris Cornell tragically died by suicide at the age of 53. It was recently discovered that, only months before he passed, he had done a photoshoot with photographer Randall Slavin. Slavin, with the approval of Cornell’s widow, decided to mint and sell the unreleased photoshoot as NFT’s.

Two NFT’s went up for auction, one entitled “White Roses for My Soul To Keep“, and the other entitled “Until We Disappear.

Each of them is essentially slideshows of the different portraits that Slavin captured of Cornell in his final photoshoot. They were purchased using Cryptograph.

A percentage of the proceeds from the sale went to Phoenix House California, which is a trio of non-profit drug and alcohol rehab centers. Cornell was on drugs at the time of his death and struggled with addiction through much of his life, so it seemed to be the most fitting place to allocate money.

You can see the previews of these two NFT’s here. If you want to support Randall Slavin and his beautiful work, be sure to check out his website, and his Instagram.

NFT artworks by Matty Furious – Total estimated value $61,008.42 (19.217 ETH)

Terminal Stop Edition 1 of 1 by Matty Furious

Absurd cityscapes, vintage video games, and eerily familiar early 2000’s computer aesthetics. What do these things all have in common? They are all attributes of the insanely difficult-to-describe NFT’s created by photographer Matty Furious.

While NFT’s have the tendency to be sort of interesting and atypical, there is no artwork I have seen quite like Matty’s.

His work is so interesting because it is typically composed of things that seem so familiar, but you know you have never seen before. These familiar elements come together to create new ideas and fantastically chaotic worlds.

Matty’s work is currently available to view and purchase on SuperRare. You can also follow him on Twitter where he posts updates on new NFT’s he’s dropping. You can also subscribe to his Youtube channel where he makes wild videos with similar aesthetics to his NFT’s.

NFT artworks by photographer Elise Swopes – Total estimated value $339,772.88 (107.027 ETH)

We have already interviewed the brilliant Elise Swopes regarding her work and the NFT’s market. However, in case you weren’t familiar, Elise is an artist, a name-brand collaborator, an NFT creator, and a pretty remarkable human.

Her NFT’s are beautiful, they typically involve the distortion of stunning city pictures that she takes herself. She manipulates stunning, but ordinary environments into artwork that changes reality.

Recently her NFT’s have seen a great amount of popularity. In fact, some of her pieces have sold for over 40,000 dollars worth of cryptocurrency!

She is quickly climbing to the top of the NFT world, and you should be there to enjoy the climb. Go looking through her website, her SuperRare page, and her Instagram to keep up to date with all of her artistic developments.

Anna McNaught total NFT assets have an estimated worth of $105,000 (33.2 ETH)

Anna Mcnaught is an extremely talented photographer, photoshop artist, and NFT bag collector. She has dropped several impressive NFT’s along with her portfolio of far-out digital art.

Her Instagram is packed with beautiful, colorful, unique pieces that stand out even in the field of digital art. She has some NFT’s dropping on August 15th, so we highly recommend you hop over to her Instagram if you are interested.

Also, check out her website for a more comprehensive overview of her portfolio and everything she has to offer. You can shop for her work directly on her website.

A portion of the proceeds from your purchase will go to the environmental organization The Sierra Club. She’s one of the next big things in the NFT world, so check her out today.

Photographers need to get with NFTs

Photographers are having a tremendous amount of success selling their art as NFTs, so it looks like NFTs are not going anywhere anytime soon. Whether or not they are the future of art is yet to be seen, but it is worth it to take some time to get lost in this new and exciting art medium.

If you are new to this, start with these awesome photographers and see how you like their NFTS and work. You may just find that you appreciate digital art more than you ever thought possible.