7 Inexpensive All-inclusive Holiday Destinations

At this time of the year, a lot of people feel wound up, probably from the stress of work or business. The one thing on their minds is to go on holiday. Possibly, the choice has been narrowed down to a hotel, a resort, and a cottage. 

A resort, especially an all-inclusive would be just the perfect place to be this holiday. But the money for all-inclusive resorts has to be paid upfront and that is where the problem lies. Well, what if there were actually inexpensive all inclusive holiday destinations you could book with? Yes, all-inclusive packages vary from one resort to another and this article will help you to pick a destination that might just fit into your budget. There are opinions and ratings on some destinations so you won’t have any reason to complain about independent travel agents.

  1. Samba Vallarta, Mexico 

This is an oceanfront all-inclusive with a 4.3-star rating. The rooms are structured in such a way that you feel comfortable, with features like air conditioning, iron, refrigerator, private balcony, and housekeeping. 

You get a room with an ocean view, a non-smoking room, or a suite. Some of the other things you’ll find include a large pool. This pool has a pirate ship and there is a shallow area for your kids.

  1. Swandor Cam Ranh, Vietnam 

The spa in this resort is just the place to go give yourself a treat. The food is excellent, and you can go there with your family. You also get a nice view of the sea alongside other breathtaking landscapes.

  1. Hotel Riu Negril, Jamaica 

This Jamaican beachfront resort is also child-friendly. It offers three outdoor pools, a spa, and free wireless internet throughout the hotel. There is also a free gym and whirlpool bath. Entertainment is suitable for children and adults. Hotel rooms in the Riu are double standard.

  1. Iberostar Royal Andalus, Spain 

This resort has a star rating of 4.6! Some of its major features include a spa, golf, family-focused, beachfront hotels, and free cancellation. Its setting on La Barrosa Beach gives you stunning views to relish for a lifetime.

  1. Breezes Resort and Spa, Bahamas 

5 restaurants, 4 bars, a seaside spa, 3 outdoor pools, and a gym, why won’t you fall in love with this breezy resort? The resort is certified as clean and pristine by the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism in line with COVID-19 guidelines. The resort welcomes single people, couples, families, and groups but has an age limit of 14.

  1. Spice Hotel and Spa, Turkey 

There are about 8 restaurants and a water park in this resort. The rooms are furnished with a touch of royalty, (you should see the Queen Suite) and they offer you a world-class service experience. 

  1. Holiday Inn Resort, Aruba 

This one is for casino lovers. In addition to the casino, there are 3 outdoor pools, 4 restaurants, a spa, and 3 bars. The lovely palms around the resort give you the feeling that you are in paradise.

The one thing peculiar with all of these destinations is how inexpensive they are. So you can begin to reconsider your options after you’ve picked one that suits your needs and budget. And if by any chance you visit the Spice Hotel and Spa in Turkey, don’t forget the Queen Suite.