Akron exhibit ‘Sim[plex]cities’ is visual equivalent of music

If you have at any time expended a ton of time in a nightclub or theater that hosts a good deal of musical acts, then you will speedily understand how new music and sound fill the various constructions, designs and voids of the hall in which it is performed.

Some venues get the job done superior for distinct forms of new music. Often performers will hone their new music to function greater for particular areas. In this situation, the architectural things of the audio hall enable enhance the seem and provide a type of structure for the sound to exist in. 

Chris Hoot’s “Sim[plex]cities: Electronic Constructs, Visible New music, Liquid Landscapes” is a presentation of the artist’s explorations in layering digital photography, graphics and marbling methods to deliver abstract landscapes, cityscapes and soundscapes.

Encouraged by philosopher and colorist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s observations that “Music is liquid architecture architecture is frozen music.” Hoot’s compositions have a form, form and motion that is only constrained by the structural configuration of the paper the function has been created on as effectively as the architectonic factors made use of as portion of the visible presentation.