Canada Verses America in The Music War and Decline of the Music Industry

So many years ago America came out with a few great bands like Green Day, The Offspring, and Blink 182. These bands did a fantastic job earning awards like best rock group, best new rock group, best music video, best rock album and much more! Seeing how popular they were, Canada fired back with bands like Sum 41 and Simple plan. Both were great bands that played the same style of music as Blink 182, The Offspring and Green Day. So the contest began as America introduced My Chemical Romance, Jet and Linkin Park who were also very successful especially Linkin Park who won favorite alternative artist for 3 different years. Soon after quality of the contest started to degrade when America produced Miley Cyrus, the teen pop idol. This started the era of mainstream, low quality “pop” music. After Miley Cyrus, Canada brought out everything it had to come out with Justin Bieber, the biggest attack on American society since the 9/11, brainwashing millions of helpless young girls. America’s next attempt failed greatly when we put out Rebecca Black… and I won’t even go there… So the next and final attack to date was Canada bombing us with Carly Rae Jepson and her sad excuse for a song “Call Me Maybe.” Only God can save our music now.

This endless battle between countries used to bring wonderful music to the world but now it just destroys the industry by creating music aimed at people that will like a certain group because of how they look or how they act. It isn’t about the music anymore, it’s about who’s posing for the photo shoots, who gets the most girls, and who has the best hair. The world of music is more like the world of fashion and appearance. This needs to stop because with all of these new pop artists that don’t work hard at all to get where they are there are less opportunities for the small bands and artists that play in bars and small joints. Those smaller bands have been forced out of business and therefore were without a job. This new look on music also causes already successful and good bands to change their style to meet the growing fan base for pop. By doing this we are getting less and less quality music from bands that were once great. Come on America and Canada, fight with better music and do it so everyone understands that music is not the art of being “cool”, it is the art of sound.

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