CNY Scholastic Art 2021: See the best paintings, drawings, photos from area teenagers

The pandemic may have had an impact on the number of entries, but not on the creative abilities of the students who submitted thousands of artworks to be judged for the 2021 CNY Scholastic Art Awards. Through the support of M&T Bank, program sponsor, and Onondaga Community College, program host, this annual competition was able to go virtual and digital in its effort to recognize the achievement of students representing junior and senior high schools throughout 13 Central New York counties.

In mid-January, more than 2,360 pieces were evaluated, remotely, by 45 volunteer judges-professional artists, educators and photographers. Their online selections resulted in a total of 594 Gold Key, Silver Key and Honorable Mention awards in 17 categories. Twenty-two awards for six-piece portfolios of graduating seniors and 572 awards for individual works from students in grades 8 through 12. Gold/first place selections will be entered in national competition and results will be announced this spring. The CNY region received 27 national honors, last year.

A virtual exhibit and awards ceremony are planned for February to celebrate student artists, teachers and area supporters. They will feature a display of all the winning art, as well as pieces receiving local awards, special recognition and cash prizes. Participating sponsors include Light Work, Syracuse Cultural Workers, S.I. Newhouse School/Visual Communications Department, John D. Barrow Art Gallery, Tracy L. Haylor Memorial Fund, Rudy Hellmann Photography, Clayscapes, Independent Potters’ Association of CNY, The Print Hub Syracuse and Onondaga Community College Foundation.  Everson Museum of Art, in Syracuse, will virtually display a selection of works.

For over 70 years, area art teachers have volunteered with the CNY Art Council to coordinate this national program, which is the largest annual student art competition in America. Scholastic, Inc. founded The Scholastic Art Program in 1923.

Seventy junior/senior high schools participated in this year’s competition.

You can see photos of all the Gold Key and Silver Key winners at these links:

Printmaking, Sculpture



Mixed Media, Editorial Cartoon, Jewelry, Expanded Project


Digital Art

Architecture, Ceramics, Comic Art, Design


Special Awards

Newhouse Visual Communications Scholarships

Photography Vision Award – Evan Cook, Manlius Pebble Hill School (#125)

Design Vision Award– Maggie Griffiths, Chittenango High School (#148)

Clayscapes Pottery Award – Best work in Ceramics & Glass, Creative Design

Hannah Cooley, Carthage High School (#126)

Independent Potters’ Association of CNY Award – Best work in Ceramics & Glass, Functional Design

Elena Kantor, Christian Brothers Academy (#295)

John D. Barrow Art Gallery Award for Best Landscape in the Drawing or Painting categories

Colt Lyndaker, Lowville High School (#314)

Tracy L. Haylor Craftsmanship Award

Melanie Michael, Cazenovia High School (#169)

Ron Hellmann Photography Award for Best Photo

Julia Tupaj, New Hartford High School (#208)

Syracuse Cultural Workers – Peace & Justice Award

Emma Whipple, Skaneateles High School (#386)

Director’s Award for Best Painting

Annabel Davis, Manlius Pebble Hill School (#130)

Director’s Award for Best Drawing

Becky Jones, Homer High School (#159)

American Visions Awards, sponsored by The Print Hub Syracuse, recognizing the “Best of Show” from all Gold Key artwork,

Lydia Coombs, Fayetteville-Manlius High School (#127)

Annabel Davis, Manlius Pebble Hill School (#130)

Natalie Garrow, Cazenovia High School (#144)

Becky Jones, Homer High School (#159)

Gavin Schiavi, New Hartford High School (#198)

Light Work Award for Best Photography Portfolio

Lyndon Cook, Norwood Norfolk High School (#674)

Onondaga Community College Award for Best Fine Arts Portfolio

Grace Bloom, Fayetteville-Manlius High School (#673)


Silver Key: Bryn Whitman, Mixed Media.

Honorable Mention: Ella Bouley, Rhiannon Nauseef, Chloe Picciano, Byrn Whitman, Jeremiah Winne.


Gold Key: Lenah Penafeather, Photography.

Silver Key: Madison Chetney, Photography; Haylee Gower, Photography; Chelsey Myers, Digital Art; Lenah Penafeather, Photography; Rowan Phelps, Sculpture; Delaney Sheckler, Photography; Giovana Vazquez, Photography (2); Corrie Youker, Photography (2).

Honorable Mention: Kaitlyn Coomes, Margaret McClain, Andrew Millard, Sara O’Dell, Lenah Penafeather, Sophia Proia, Caitlin Sacco, Hannah Salvagni, Megan VanBuren, Olivia Wafer (2), Corrie Youker (2).

Bishop Grimes High School

Gold Key: Zijin Wang, Film & Animation (1) and Photography (3).

Silver Key: Zijin Wang, Photography (2).

Honorable Mention: Zijin Wang.


Portfolio Silver Key: Kate Ammann.

Silver Key: Halie Lago, Printmaking.

Honorable Mention: Kate Ammann, Nichole Barden, Emily Dimitriadis, Molly Dunfield (2), Halie Lago.


Gold Key: Kaitlyn O´Dell, Drawing & Illustration.

Silver Key: Jade Garcia, Digital Art; Katherine Snyder, Painting; Chloe Wells, Drawing & Illustration.

Honorable Mention: Bailey Agerter, Jade Garcia, Chase Moore, Laurel vanLone.


High School

Gold Key: Hannah Cooley, Ceramics & Glass.

Middle School

Honorable Mention: Brady Hancock, Madison Stout.


Gold Key: Olivia Emerson, Photography; Natalie Garrow, Photography (2); Madeline McGreevy, Photography; Melanie Michael, Printmaking; Elora Wilmot, Mixed Media; Molly Wright, Photography.

Silver Key: Lili Gavitt, Drawing & Illustration; Mae Sayre, Photography; Molly Wright, Photography.

Honorable Mention: Mia Chesbrough, Regan Dauenhauer, Caryn Gagnon, Natalie Garrow, Mae Sayre, Elora Wilmot, Molly Wright (2).

Central Square

Gold Key: Ella Dolce, Photography; Evelyn Dolce, Photography (3).

Silver Key: Meadow Auslander, Photography; Ella Dolce, Photography; Evelyn Dolce, Photography.

Honorable Mention: Kiera Barcomb, Ella Dolce (4), Evelyn Dolce (4), Samantha Moran, Karina Stewart (3).


Portfolio Silver Key: Maggie Griffiths.

Portfolio Honorable Mention: Abigail Owens.

Gold Key: Maggie Griffiths, Digital Art (3), Drawing & Illustration (1) and Mixed Media (1); Abigail Owens, Photography; Riley Stiles, Drawing & Illustration; Taylor Streiff, Photography.

Silver Key: Ella Dunkley, Photography; Maggie Griffiths, Drawing & Illustration (1) and Mixed Media (1); Caleb LeBlanc, Photography; Abigail Owens, Photography; Nicole Relf, Photography; Mitchell Turner, Photography.

Honorable Mention: Madeline Demand, Ella Dunkley, Olivia Fawcett, Maggie Griffiths (2), Abigail Owens, Ella Revette, Taylor Streiff, Mitchell Turner.

Christian Brothers Academy

Silver Key: Elena Kantor, Ceramics & Glass; Gabbi Kleiner, Photography (2); Anna Pedone, Ceramics & Glass; Kami Petrosillo, Drawing & Illustration.

Honorable Mention: Kami Petrosillo, Caroline Silver.

Cicero North Syracuse

Portfolio Gold Key: Patrycja Kulesza.

Portfolio Honorable Mention: Patrycja Kulesza.

Gold Key: Sophia Calcagnino, Photography; Patrycja Kulesza, Photography.

Silver Key: Sophia Calcagnino, Photography; Devin Freeman, Photography; Nyssa Kennedy, Photography; Patrycja Kulesza, Photography; Molly McGrath, Photography (2).

Honorable Mention: Haley Campanello, Gianna Chairmonte, Devin Freeman (2), Julia Karst, Maria Kasarda (3), Patrycja Kulesza (4), Molly McGrath, Marissa O’Brien (2).


Portfolio Honorable Mention: Madison Allen.

Silver Key: Charli Carroll, Photography; Jonathan Smith, Photography.

Honorable Mention: Madison Allen, Charli Carroll, Riley Pierce, Madison Trainham.

East Syracuse Minoa

Gold Key: Lindsey Burton, Painting; Connor Jacobs, Photography; Emma Jaquin, Drawing & Illustration.

Silver Key: Kailee Clark, Architecture & Industrial Design; Connor Jacobs, Photography; Emma Jaquin, Drawing & Illus
tration; Hannah Kowanes, Drawing & Illustration; Korey Lesko, Drawing & Illustration; Kylie Mapstone, Drawing & Illustration; Carly Sloan, Digital Art; Samantha Weigel, Drawing & Illustration; Ava Zelenz, Drawing & Illustration (2).

Honorable Mention: Amber Cardarelli, Connor Jacobs, Emma Jaquin, Lilia Pena, Jazmin Tyo, Samantha Weigel.


Gold Key: Stephen Bodley, Ceramics & Glass; Quinlan Yard, Drawing & Illustration.

Silver Key: Hazel Baltzersen, Drawing & Illustration; Lillian Frost, Drawing & Illustration; Payton Taylor, Drawing & Illustration.

Honorable Mention: Stephen Bodley, Marisa Trommel.

Faith Heritage School

Portfolio Honorable Mention: Nevaeh Taylor.

Gold Key: Susannah Matzal, Drawing & Illustration.

Silver Key: Grace Jackson, Drawing & Illustration; Caleb Lucero, Photography.


Portfolio Gold Key: Grace Bloom, Abbey Maring.

Portfolio Silver Key: Sophie Heffner.

Portfolio Honorable Mention: Madison Krouse.

Gold Key: Grace Bloom, Painting; Karen Burgess, Photography; Lydia Coombs, Drawing & Illustration (2); Catherine Jia, Photography; Madison Krouse, Drawing & Illustration; Minerva Miller, Ceramics & Glass; Aum Patel, Photography (2); Ziye Wang, Digital Art.

Silver Key: Kylie Beam, Design; Grace Bloom, Painting; Ava Bybee, Painting; Angela Iskander, Painting; Catherine Jia, Drawing & Illustration; Abbey Maring, Drawing & Illustration; Cadence Panol, Editorial Cartoon; Laura Scalzetti, Comic Art; Harper Stoppacher, Drawing & Illustration.

Honorable Mention: Grace Bloom, Ellrose Hanlon, Mary Holder (2), Madelyn Krueger, Claire Lee (2), Abbey Maring (2), Minerva Miller (4), Brigid Teaken, Ziye Wang (2).


Silver Key: Magen Darling, Ceramics & Glass.

Honorable Mention: Mandy Allen.


Silver Key: Cadence Atkinson, Drawing & Illustration.


Portfolio Gold Key: Becky Jones.

Portfolio Honorable Mention: Hailey Knight.

Gold Key: Becky Jones, Drawing & Illustration; Ashley Kidder, Drawing & Illustration; Sydney Scanlon, Drawing & Illustration; Charlotte Wallis, Drawing & Illustration.

Silver Key: Madison Allbright, Drawing & Illustration; Gabe Derksen, Drawing & Illustration; Hailey Knight, Drawing & Illustration; Arieliz Morales, Drawing & Illustration.

Honorable Mention: Riley Ferris, Kaetlyn Flint, Becky Jones (2), Hailey Knight, Sydney Scanlon, Ashley Velasquez.

Home School

Gold Key: Hua Cui, Painting; Eliza Smith, Drawing & Illustration.


Portfolio Silver Key: Ryan Clewis.

Portfolio Honorable Mention: Ryan Clewis.

Gold Key: Nathan Bourcy, Drawing & Illustration (2); Katlyn Bray, Photography; Meghan Christian, Photography; Ryan Clewis, Photography (2); Mara Durkin, Drawing & Illustration; Paige Kinahan, Photography; Sylvia Min, Photography; Maeve Murphy, Photography (2); Ciara O’Donnell, Photography.

Silver Key: Katlyn Bray, Photography; Ryan Clewis, Film & Animation (1) and Photography (2); Josephine Dittman, Photography; Natalie Goodson, Photography; Elsa Hardt, Drawing & Illustration; Celia Kemmis, Photography; Sadie Mahan, Photography; Max Mimaroglu, Photography; Dakota Wynn, Photography (2).

Honorable Mention: Amanda Aitken, Katlyn Bray, Ryan Clewis, Juliette Cota, Erin Dadey, Hannah Fuchsberg, Nevaeh Hall, Sadie Mahan, Michelle McPeak, Max Mimaroglu (2), Maeve Murphy, Dakota Wynn (2), Julia Ziff.


Gold Key: Elizabeth Conrad, Digital Art; Gabriella Smart, Photography.

Silver Key: Samantha Gleason, Photography; Gabriella Smart, Photography; Mikayla Twomey, Design.

Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Bartoszewski, Samantha Gleason, Madyn LaFleur (2), Tiffani McMahon (5).


Gold Key: Thomas Oakes, Photography; John Poplawski, Photography; Jenna Reese, Photography.

Silver Key: Lillian Andrews, Printmaking; Lindsay Carroll, Photography; Keely Jocko, Mixed Media; Luke Peios, Mixed Media; Elaina Saba, Digital Art.

Honorable Mention: Katie Fabend, Madison Homer, Keely Jocko, Ellie McElhannon (2), Lily McElhannon, Ryan Oakes.


High School

Gold Key: Elijah Alexander, Photography (2); Claire Carlson, Painting; Evelyn Osborne, Comic Art; Kadence Osborne, Digital Art; Jessica Yafchak, Digital Art.

Silver Key: Kaia Lisi, Digital Art (2); Evelyn Osborne, Digital Art (2) and Mixed Media (1); Kadence Osborne, Digital Art (3); Jessica Yafchak, Drawing & Illustration.

Honorable Mention: Kaia Lisi (3), Kadence Osborne (2), Alexander Shubsda.

Liverpool High School 9th Grade Annex

Gold Key: Ayane Dela Cruz, Drawing & Illustration.

Honorable Mention: Isabelle McSally.


Portfolio Silver Key: Colt Lyndaker.

Gold Key: Eliana Bonbrest, Drawing & Illustration (1) and Painting (1); Madison Houppert, Photography; Colin Kempney, Drawing & Illustration; Sydney VanNest, Painting.

Silver Key: Madison Houppert, Painting (1) and Photography (4); Colt Lyndaker, Painting (3); Colden Pike, Photography (4); Sydney VanNest, Printmaking; Charlie Virkler, Painting.

Honorable Mention: Madison Houppert (2), Colin Kempney, Colt Lyndaker (3), Ramsey Metzler, Colden Pike (4), Emma Rowsam, Charlie Virkler, Kiley Zicari.

Madrid Waddington

Honorable Mention: Thomas Cafarella.

Manlius Pebble Hill School

Portfolio Honorable Mention: Julianne Teres.

Gold Key: Isabella Bird, Drawing & Illustration; Evan Cook, Photography; Annabel Davis, Painting; Alex Fung, Photography; Abigail Hinshaw, Photography (2); Ella Pisciarino, Expanded Projects; Matthew Roberson, Photography; Sun-JIn Shah, Painting; Julianne Teres, Digital Art.

Silver Key: Annabel Davis, Painting; Amitees Fazeli, Mixed Media; Matthew Roberson, Photography (3); Gaven Sullivan, Photography; Nick Trivelpiece, Photography (2).

Honorable Mention: Isabella Bird, Josh Clardy, Annabel Davis (3), Alex Fung, Abigail Hinshaw (2), Matthew Roberson (3), Julianne Teres (3).


Gold Key: Eve Chapman, Photography; Kade DeMarle, Photography; Leanna Foster, Photography (2); Victoria Sayre, Painting.

Silver Key: Eve Chapman, Photography; Kade DeMarle, Photography.

Honorable Mention: Kade DeMarle, Kailynne Gomez, Miranda Stewart.


Silver Key: Sydney Cardinal, Drawing & Illustration.

Honorable Mention: Erin Cooke, Reese Dow, Benjamin LeBlanc, Anabella Perretta.

New Hartford

Gold Key: Alexandra Freytag, Photography; Gavin Schiavi, Drawing & Illustration; Julia Tupaj, Photography.

Silver Key: Alexandra Freytag, Photography (2); Elijah Groves, Photography (2); Zachary Tomassi, Drawing & Illustration.

Honorable Mention: Emilee Clarey, Tess Evans (2), Katherine Pine, Samantha Testa, Gianna Yacobucci.

North Rose Wolcott

Honorable Mention: Chelissa Chatfield, Connor Majkszak.

Norwood Norfolk

Portfolio Gold Key: Lyndon Cook.

Portfolio Honorable Mention: Lyndon Cook.

Gold Key: Kesley Coller, Digital Art; Brielle Smith, Drawing & Illustration.

Silver Key: Madelyn Dinneen, Digital Art; Joella Dumers, Photography; Braden Garrow, Photography; Catherine Phippen, Photography; Angela Smith, Photography.

Honorable Mention: Dominic Boprey, Kayla Chase, Lyndon Cook (4), Kiera Fetter, Braden Garrow, Haley Morgan, Brielle Smith (3), Mercede St John, Sasha Trimm, Rayth vonHoffmann.

OCM BOCES – McEvoy Campus

Honorable Mention: Hailey Knight.


High School

Silver Key: Corinne Becker, Drawing & Illustration; Erin Loosman, Sculpture; Allyssah Redmond, Digital Art.

Honorable Mention: Corinne Becker, Julianna Locke, Olivia Piersall, Allyssah Redmond, Jasmine Shampine.

Otto L Shortell Middle School

Honorable Mention: Jasmine Shampine.


Silver Key: Emily Blake, Painting.


John C Birdlebough High School

Gold Key: Arlin Russo, Digital Art; Kylie Russo, Digital Art.

Silver Key: Kylie Russo, Digital Art.

Honorable Mention: Chloe Calkins (2), Summer Koegel, Kylie Russo (3).

Emerson J Dillon Middle School

Honorable Mention: Brooklyn Olschewske.


Silver Key: Collin Haggett, Photography.

Honorable Mention: Collin Haggett.


Silver Key: Robert Adamski, Photography; Emily Gareau, Photography.

Honorable Mention: Robert Adamski, Lilliana Lawton (2), Addison McCullough, Jessica Yesensky.

Red Creek

Honorable Mention: Faith Campbell, Isabelle Keller.

Rome City Schools

Rome Free Academy

Silver Key: Zahra Perkins, Painting; Rafael Rivera, Drawing & Illustration (2).

Honorable Mention: Mena Brazinski, Lillian Gilroy.


Gold Key: Raven Rivenburgh, Sculpture.


High School

Portfolio Silver Key: Sophia Cattalani, Sophia Wingfield.

Gold Key: Sophia Cattalani, Drawing & Illustration (2); Emma Miller, Photography; Claire Molnar, Painting; Libby Raymond, Photography; Sophia Wingfield, Drawing & Illustration.

Silver Key: Kate Aberi, Photography; Regan Barnes, Drawing & Illustration; Sophia Cattalani, Drawing & Illustration (2); Cate Comer, Photography; Elsa Landon, Drawing & Illustration; Libby Raymond, Photography; Ali Whipple, Photography; Emma Whipple, Mixed Media; Sophia Wingfield, Drawing & Illustration.

Honorable Mention: Kate Aberi (2), Vivian Carroll, Sophia Cattalani (2), Emily Huttar, Elsa Landon (2), Campbell Loi, Claire Molnar, Evelyn Porter, Elizabeth Springer, Emma Whipple, Sophia Wingfield.

Middle School

Silver Key: Quinn Cheney, Mixed Media; Paige Willard, Mixed Media.

Syracuse City Schools

Henninger High School

Silver Key: Mellina Desilvio, Drawing & Illustration.

Honorable Mention: Lauren Cameron, Mellina Desilvio.

Nottingham High School

Honorable Mention: Paige Sutton.


Portfolio Honorable Mention: Tiernan Tobin.

Gold Key: Connor Cochran, Photography; Tiernan Tobin, Painting.

Silver Key: Tiernan Tobin, Painting.

Honorable Mention: Gabriel Benedetto.

Union Springs

Silver Key: Raegan Lawton, Drawing & Illustration; Angelia Scholz, Drawing & Illustration.

Utica City Schools

Thomas R Proctor High School

Gold Key: Wildali De Vargas, Painting; Alexis Gromling-Peppers, Photography.

Silver Key: Wildali De Vargas, Painting; Hawa Haji, Photography; Eh Stina Moo, Photography.

Honorable Mention: Wildali De Vargas, Marlo DeAngelo, Rita Fadhel, Julia Mazzotta, John Nguyen (2).


Silver Key: Mckenna Lalonde, Drawing & Illustration.

West Genesee

Gold Key: Logan Battaglia, Sculpture; Adriana Gill, Photography; Meagan Medina, Photography; Kerrigan Nish, Photography (2).

Silver Key: Adriana Gill, Photography; Janaya Jones, Jewelry; Gabrielle Mitchell, Photography; Alison Sincebaugh, Photography.

Honorable Mention: Logan Battaglia (2), Bahiyeh Bserani, Adriana Gill, Janaya Jones (2), Meagan Medina, Dublin Mehl, Gabrielle Mitchell (2).


Silver Key: Gracie Gray, Photography.

Honorable Mention: Colin Walker.


Gold Key: Hannah Soulia, Mixed Media.


High School

Gold Key: Emma Phelps, Drawing & Illustration.

Silver Key: Kara LaFayette, Photography; Grace Stuhlman, Painting.

Honorable Mention: Destiny Doney (2), Farra Femia.

Middle School

Gold Key: Elise Leuthauser, Mixed Media.

Silver Key: Katherine Burd, Digital Art; Reese Tucker, Ceramics & Glass.

Honorable Mention: Serena Bogan, Erin Gaffney.