Greg Norman lands Slugger White for new golf venture

Thankfully, Slugger White didn’t donate his travel bag to Goodwill. 

Fresh off retirement after 40 years as a PGA Tour rules official, Slugger took a call from old friend Greg Norman, recently dubbed CEO of Saudi-backed LIV Golf Investments. Slugger’s retirement didn’t make it to year’s end.

Norman and Slugger became friends during Norman’s playing days, and when looking for someone to manage his rules and competition team, Norman landed a two-for-one deal.

He not only got a ton of experience and know-how, but gathered some industry headlines by hiring a longtime, highly visible, and very respected veteran of golf’s biggest player — the PGA Tour.

Slugger White thought he'd packed away his hat and rules book for good, but now he's looking at a "new chapter" of his golfing life.

At 72, and possibly thinking his productive years had been traded for gardening and walks around his Ormond Beach neighborhood, Slugger says it’s nice to be deemed an ongoing commodity.

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