How to Make My House Worth More

Adding value to your home can be a tricky task, however here at We Buy Any House we have compiled our top tips on how to make your property worth more.

Add a Cellar to Your House:

Historically, the invention of the cellar was used exclusively to store items that needed to be kept cool before fridges were invented. And although this may seem a little outdated nowadays, the notion of having a cellar is still the perfect way for you to further increase the value of your house. Most properties that have cellars in their home use them for expansive purposes, and truly transform them into an area of the home that is perfect for another use. Many people use their basements as alternative space, with the cellar being transformed into:

  •  A home cinema room
  • An extra bedroom for guests to stay in
  • A home gym
  • A wine cellars
  • Converted garage spaces

Converting your garage can add up to 30% value to your property and is one of the easiest property changes to get approved as it qualifies as ‘change of use’ rather than making structural changes to a listed building. 

Make Your Kitchen Bigger with a Side-Return Extension:

Typically found in a terraced or semi-detached property, kitchen side-return extensions run adjacent to your kitchen. It resembles a slightly narrow alley, however when it’s added onto a kitchen it can become a really useful way to make extra room for perhaps an island where you can prepare food. Although you will not only have to comply with building regulations and be subjected to regular inspection at random intervals, once the extension is finished you will receive a certificate which will state that the extension has been completed accordingly. Adding a side-return extension to your house can actually add up to 15% extra onto your property in value.

Transforming Your Loft Conversion into an Extra Bedroom:

In the UK, one of the biggest problems we tend to have with our properties is that there simply aren’t enough bedrooms. Most properties in the UK are three bedrooms, with one of the bedrooms more than likely being a box room. Therefore, if your loft can be converted into a space that can be used as a bedroom, this is the perfect way to not only add more space to your property but is also the perfect way to add at least 15% value to your property.

Add a Conservatory:

A conservatory is the perfect way to make sure that your home is spacious enough for you to comfortably live in. Whether you choose to use your conservatory as an extra dining room, lounge area or a space for your children to play, adding a conservatory to your house can increase the value by up to 10%.

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