Jamie Lynn Spears Skips Book Tour for Memoir

If you write and publish a book that you want other people to buy and then read, you typically have to go on a book tour to promote it. This entails traveling around the country doing TV and radio interviews, readings, book signings… you get the idea. However Jamie Lynn Spears will be skipping all of this, according to TMZ, and will not be going on tour to promote her new memoir Things I Should Have Said. 

The reason for the unusual move? TMZ cites unnamed sources close to the actor who say she doesn’t want to promote it because she’s not interested in making money personally from the book. Instead, her camp says she wrote it in the interest of personal healing, and will be donating a “portion” of the profits to various charities. 

Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears hug

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Spears had previously announced that she would be donating some of the proceeds from Things I Should Have Said to the mental health charity This Is My Brave—which declined the offer after huge public backlash. This is the reason, according to TMZ‘s sources, that Spears was not announcing the names of the new charities she’d be donating to instead.