Mystery Zone, or A Lotta Endings

They lived happily at any time immediately after
And then the solar came up
And then the solar go down
The couple is riding off into the sunset
The Stop
They threw a pie at the shark, the stop
“We’ll have to do this once more sometime”
“See ya afterwards, turkey!”
“I have a teach to catch”
My hero!
Good evening and God bless
We’re closed!
Just take and catch an plane
Continue to keep in touch, by no means occur back again!
I imagine the dummy
It is how the turkey played the activity
With no strings connected
Exit phase remaining
And the two-timer was by no means listened to from all over again
How the turkey danced tutu in the ballet
I will kick you off the control
I will kick you off the earth
You cheating turkey!
Appreciate me hardly ever to say I’m sorry

And they danced to music
Pet dogs likelihood squares often to bark
The loved ones played the piano
Goodnite, Johnboy
Forgiving you family
And the wind swept the basic
The wind going the grass
Like everyday living
Tune in tomorrow!
The canine is joyful with the owner
What a satisfied ending
The tail strike my leg
A flying pet traveling in the mountains
Gloomy grey sky
The elevator doorways closed

&#8212 Juan Aguilera, Chris Corr-Barberis, D’Lisa Fort,
Jorge Gomez, Gail Lewis, Larry Randolph, Elizabeth Rangel,
Julie S., Nicole Storm, Monica Valentine, Kathy Zhong

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