Retire in Ecuador – Year Round Spring Time For Little Money

Retire in Ecuador is becoming more and more popular with Americans and others who want the good life without spending a fortune. It is very easy to live and live very well in Ecuador for under $2,000 a month. One couple reports a monthly budget of $660 a month. Let’s just say I am skeptical of figures that low, $1500 is cheap enough with absolutely no skimping.

The Andes is the most prominent geological feature of Ecuador. When you combine mountain living with the fact that Ecuador sits on the Equator…spring time all year round is the norm. Want it a little warmer, there are several beach towns that offer very affordable real estate.

Having said that real estate is cheap to purchase I would advise against buying on the first trip. It is much more prudent to rent first…then if you decide that particular town is not your first choice you can then purchase a home or apartment. Don’t be fooled by the hurry, hurry spiel of realtors…take it easy enjoy the process…what is the rush?

Quito,the capital of Ecuador, offers life at 9,000 feet. It is one of the prettiest colonial cities in the Americas and offers all you would expect in a city of almost 2 million people. English is widely spoken and you have a myriad of restaurants, museums and art galleries to attend. The new International airport is soon to be open that will make travel in and out of Ecuador a breeze.

The smaller Cuenca (500,000 people) is becoming a favorite of expats. Cobblestone streets, church plazas are everywhere in a town known for its arts and culture. Cotacachi and Vilcabamba are 2 other fairly good sized towns with a thriving expat community.

To retire in Ecuador has certain perks for the retiree over 65: 50% off public transportation: 50% off airfares and half price tickets to sporting events and cultural events to name just a few. You may live a bit longer in Ecuador as a result of the clean mountain air…an added benefit.

So come on down and explore the possibility to retire in Ecuador…year round spring time in the mountains and warm, beautiful Pacific beaches await you.

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