Scaling the Wall: Allison Paschke and Jacqueline Ott to show at the Jamestown Arts Middle

The richly colorful and abstract function of Allison Paschke and Jacqueline Ott will engage in with dimension and scale on the gallery walls at the Jamestown Arts Middle starting on August 21. 

The broad wallspace at the JAC introduced an option for Paschke and Ott, both of those Rhode Island artists, to examine formidable opportunities with their artwork. In Scaling the Wall the artworks act in discussion with another, not only concerning the two artists, but also in scale from the very massive to very smaller. Paschke utilizes lush and sensitive products including mirrors, amber resins, and porcelain that answer to and adjust as the viewer techniques. Ott operates in acrylic and graphite to generate hanging geographical compositions designed up of a series of panels. 

The JAC’s Exhibition Director Karen Conway points out: “The juxtaposition of Ott’s and Paschke’s do the job, and its assorted media in opposition to the backdrop of the JAC’s 18 foot-high walls, lends by itself to increase the viewer’s airplane of eyesight and knowledge a dramatic shift in scale.”