Social Bee Adventures Launches Its Augmented Reality Travel Platform

SEATTLE, Aug. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Social Bee Adventures, an app showcasing augmented reality in tourism and travel spaces, is leveraging technology to offer self-guided guided tours. While the underlying technology is complex, the idea is simple. The app allows creators to build step-by-step tours, scavenger hunts, and all-around adventures in augmented reality that consumers can then use, through the app, when it’s convenient for them. An experience in Social Bee Adventures consists of points of interest, trivia, photo, video and audio activities that can be placed indoors or outdoors. Consumers can gain points and see where they rank for the experience on the experiences leaderboard on the app. Creators can offer their experiences free of charge or charge a fee. 

First, creators use the Social Bee Adventures app to create their experience — a tour of a city or neighborhood, a hike, a scavenger hunt, an event, and much more. Once complete, the creator publishes their experience and consumers can find and purchase the experience from the app and go on the self-guided tour when it’s convenient for them using Social Bee’s gamified augmented reality platform.  

Travel and tour guides specifically have been hit hard by the pandemic. Social Bee Adventures provides a contactless option that allows tour guides to build their tour experiences and monetize whenever an app user consumes it. Social Bee Adventures provides new revenue streams for those greatly affected by the pandemic, while helping to protect the industry from future hardships. 

Social media platforms do little to get people out exploring the world. As most social platforms’ goal is to keep users inside, increasing digital screen time, Social Bee Adventures helps users 1. find fun and local activities and experiences and 2. guides them step-by-step through the experience.

“My goal is to use technology to get people out into the real world, to make learning and exploring as fun and engaging as playing video games, and to create deeper and more meaningful connections with the world around us and the people we share it with,” says founder Jason LaBaw. “I want to invite all the experienced creators, tour guides, travel bloggers — the one friend in the group who always sets the itinerary and makes sure the trip is filled with fun. Join us in creating amazing experiences and sharing them with the rest of the world.” 

About the companySocial Bee Adventures is a platform consisting of an eCommerce website and iOS app, on a mission to revolutionize the tourism industry by using its proprietary augmented reality and mapping technologies to provide contactless tours indoors or outdoors. 

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