Sri Lankan visual and performance artist condemns attacks on Russian art and artists


The WSWS has been given following statement from Lohan Gunaweera, a visual and overall performance artist and translator in Sri Lanka. He denounces the assaults on Russian artwork and artists, which, he claims, are a element of the US-NATO war preparations against Russia.

Lohan Gunaweera’s performance “Stalingrad 1942” (2017). It is aspect of an ongoing series of performs on the impending danger of war and the uncertainty brought on by it. The series is educated by readings into the background of the world wars of the 20th century and the communal war in Sri Lanka.

I strongly condemn the ongoing assault and censorship on Russian artists, exhibitions and inventive tasks, carried out in the name of measures towards Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Almost nothing good can occur out of censoring good cultural achievements ranging from classical tunes, to 20th century Russian avant-garde artwork, to Tolstoy. The strategy that this could pave the way for a tranquil consequence is as delusional as indicating that asphyxiation can extend existence. Personally, as another person who are unable to imagine one’s very own upbringing and lifestyle without Russian literature and artwork, I come across this unpleasant to view. In the context of earth politics, this is a warning symptom of an impending catastrophic stroke.

Opposite to the proclaimed intentions, this assault goes hand in hand with the US and NATO’s imperialist war push from Russia. A mere glance at the list of nations racing to enter and escalate this conflict, rising their army budgets and sending weapons to Ukraine, should really alarm everyone who is informed of the immense tragedies of the 2nd earth war. The United States, the Uk, Germany, France are the same imperialist powers that brought on intense havoc and destruction in that war. More than the past 30 many years, the US has been the major damaging actor in a lot of wars close to the environment. The scale of its military involvement in just Ukraine, together with the procedure of biological weapons labs is only now coming to whole gentle. The imperialist travel has often been directed towards re-partitioning of the Eurasian region (and the rest of the world) in purchase to gain immediate obtain to its huge resources and markets.


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