The Bizarre Kitchen Gadget That Americans Just Keep Buying


Screenshot:  The Kitchen Collection, LLC - YouTube (Other)

Screenshot: The Kitchen area Assortment, LLC – YouTube (Other)

Rotating and heating considering the fact that the summer months of 2000, this a person kitchen area gadget has had us in a chokehold for decades and even the TikTokers out there can not quit raving about it. The Pizzazz Plus Rotating Pizza Oven from Presto was the ultimate air fryer ahead of air fryers grew to become a issue.

For all those who have never attempted a Pizzazz or a lot significantly less read of it, you could have a related response as people did when air fryers first arrived on the scene. You may well marvel, what tends to make this any superior than a common oven?

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The Pizzazz Additionally rotating pizza oven fundamentally explains its style and design in the name. A heating component hovers above a detachable, spherical pan. There is also a heating element underneath the pan, allowing for no matter what food stuff is positioned on the Pizzazz to be cooked on each sides as the pan rotates.


The Pizzazz capabilities a rather simple timer (you change it then it dings when all set) and has a swap to management the higher and reduce heating components. Other than that, it’s a tremendous essential plug in and go sort of system. Presto also notes that alongside with cooking frozen pizzas, the Pizzaz is also excellent for other frozen “convenience foods” like “chicken wings and nuggets, jalapeño poppers, pizza rolls, fish fillets, egg rolls, grilled cheese, even cookies from refrigerated dough.”

Cue the TikToks! 1 account on TikTok, @pizzazzmaster, which has in excess of 700,000 followers and 7.3 million likes, is completely devoted to creating several food items working with the Pizzazz pizza oven. Some of the food items adventures on the account involve baking a cake, making hen strips, a BLT, mini quesadillas, and reheating leftover fries.

It is difficult to argue the flexibility of this pizza oven. And nevertheless it was produced in 2000, Folks however rates it as 1 of the greatest pizza ovens out there today in 2022. Individuals also look to most delight in that the Pizzazz does not need preheating the way a typical oven does, as well as you can observe the pizza cook on it. Presto also claims that the Pizzazz will save 60% additional power than a traditional oven.

In spite of the rave assessments the Pizzazz receives, I have not too long ago become baffled by it. Growing up, I hardly ever truly believed about the mechanics of how the Pizzazz works or how a pizza must be cooked. To this day, I nonetheless get excited when my mother busts out the Pizzazz because I know my favorite frozen pizza is heading to be ready in significantly less than 20 minutes.


Having said that, there are a couple traits of the Pizzazz that shouldn’t make sense but somehow do. For illustration, the rotating pan layout indicates that parts of the pizza (or whichever foodstuff is positioned on there) are uncovered to open air and out of the warmth throughout the cooking method. You would think that would guide to uneven cooking. But, the rotation and twin cooking components are promoted as a advertising point relatively than a unfavorable.

It stands to purpose that a extra practical design would have the entire pan underneath warmth throughout to produce an even cook dinner. On the other hand, TikTok consumer @.heymatt provides a counterpoint to this by noting that if you want to include far more topping as the pizza cooks, you could mainly because of the rotating element.

You’d feel due to the fact the pan rotates and some bits of food shell out time not cooking, that it would take even lengthier to make a pizza with a Pizzazz than it would a standard oven. As a kid, I utilized to search at the Pizzazz as an grownup Easy Bake Oven, and we all try to remember how very slow people things were being. But once again, the Pizzazz contradicts that logic by acquiring a timer that doesn’t go past 20 minutes for cooking time.

In the end, possibly this pizza oven does not need to have to make feeling. It has stood the take a look at of time basically because of its Pizzazz.



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