The Girl Scouts Are Giving COVID-Safe Tours of State Parks Across America

As the summer winds down, parents and kids are trying to soak as many adventures before heading back to school and a structured routine. This year, we have to be a little more cautious in our experiences, and for the most part, our travel plans are on hold. However, there is still a lot to explore, and the Girl Scouts are here to help.

To jump-start the organization’s second annual Girl Scouts Love State Parks celebration, which kicks off mid-September, they’ve launched a virtual map offering virtual tours of the popular state parks across the country.

“In collaboration with the National Association of State Park Directors, the new interactive map lets viewers access virtual tours of state parks, interviews with park rangers, creative outdoor activities to do from home, engaging programs on park history and wildlife, and more,” the press release read.

The virtual map, which can be accessed at any time on the Girl Scout’s website, contains flags across the country where the state parks are located. Parents and kids interested in going on a virtual tour can choose from the many state parks outlined on the map by clicking the flag. The map will then pop up links to the official websites for the state park and offer a link to a video of a virtual tour.

In addition to the interactive map and virtual tours, several Girl Scout troupes, and state parks are hosting live virtual events to continue with the annual Girl Scouts Love State Parks celebration. Between September 12-13, to help share some outdoor programming ideas that families can do from home.

These virtual events will include teaching families how to “star hop” and identify the constellations with the help of Utah state parks staff. There will also be events teaching yoga on the beach of Assateague State Park in Maryland, fossil hunting with Ohio State Parks, and “how to be good stewards of the environment hosted by educators from the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics.”

Both the interactive map and the virtual events that will take place in September are entirely free and are “open to Girl Scouts and their families and friends.” Anyone interested can contact your local Girl Scouts of America council to learn more about the events taking place.

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