The Various Tourist Attractions Of East London

Travelling in London means an unforgettable journey adorned with exquisite sophistication, lavishness and historical enchantment. London is crowded almost every time of the year with many visitors and it’s now under the spotlight as the organizing country of the most awaited event of all, the Olympics. Different parts of London have unique pleasures to offer to the visitors. East London is one such part bounded with innumerable wonders that can leave you baffled.

East London is stuffed with many places with beauty and poise that symbolize the true colours of England. The first in the list is the Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge which is also known as the Great Standing. It flaunts flummoxing timber art of Tudor carpentry. This hunting building was used to catch deer mainly when the queen used to visit frequently. Next attraction is the Hackney Empire, an evergreen theatre that has produced numerous memorable acts and quality musicals. Charlie Chaplin had given a number of performances before achieving fame in Hollywood. This theatre is still a standing example of class located near the Hackney Station.

Sutton House or ‘Bryck Place’ is the building that served as home to a number of merchants, silk-weavers and school-mistresses of the Victorian era. This building is famous for its oak craftworks, lavish interiors and fireplaces showcasing excellent artistry. East London is filled with some most Elegant and fashionable art galleries such as Whitechapel Art Gallery. The foundation of this building dates back to the year 1901. This art gallery is well reputed for showcasing dynamic contemporary art and for arranging nice exhibitions on sculpture, photography, painting, installation and digital media. Electric Blue Gallery is one of the blooming attractions in East London. Here you can see great works of the best European artists, photographers and fashion designers of recent times. In this gallery one can have fashionable hair cuts by professionals.

Notified as the best building in London, the Christ Church Spitalfields is a must see for any tourist, as after a long wait it was reopened for the public from the year 2004. This construction with bewitching baroque design reflects the glorious era of London. One can easily revalue its beauty and historical strength only by sojourning the exterior parts of this small Hawksmoor church. The Geffrye Museumhas a number of periodic rooms to demonstrate the change in style of domestic interiors of England’s houses starting from 1600 till the present time. This museum has an exquisite collection of paintings, furniture, decorative art and textiles belonging to different periods.

Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood is popular for its eye-catching collection of toys. Some of the toys were created during the seventeenth century. The toy collection consists of teddy bears, dolls, games, dollhouses etc. Angela Flowers Gallery displays flourishing coeval paintings and craft-works. It is becoming popular among visitors as the works are sold at affordable prices. The Mudchute Park & Farm of East London is the biggest agricultural and horticultural park of the city. You don’t have to pay any money to visit this place and you can also enjoy savoury snacks and drinks in the cafes of the park. Tourists who plan to visit England during the upcoming Olympics or any other time should make it a point to visit East London.

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