There are 3 revolutionary iPod models to remember


Apple declared previously this week that the iPod Touch—the final scion of the iPod line—has been discontinued. The shift marks the stop of an period of focused gadgets for transporting your tunes. Steve Jobs launched the initial iPod much more than 20 many years in the past, on October 23, 2001, and in lots of strategies, it assisted begin Apple’s rise to the multi-trillion greenback enterprise it is right now. Without the iPod, there could be no Apple iphone. 

That to start with iPod was groundbreaking—who can fail to remember the “1,000 songs in your pocket” marketing—but it was not always the most essential or revolutionary product. It was a great MP3 participant, nicer and less complicated to use than what Apple’s rivals were being creating at the time, but it would acquire a couple a long time to turn into a accurate pop-tradition icon. 

Now though, due to the fact the age of the iPod has definitely arrive to a near, let us mirror on a number of of those innovative models—the kinds that we really feel genuinely carved the iPod’s position in historical past. 

3 iPod models now etched in gadget history
The iPod mini in 2004. Apple

iPod mini (1st technology)

The touch-delicate Simply click Wheel with the built-in Menu, Perform/Pause, Subsequent Monitor, and Previous Track buttons is one particular of the defining functions of the iPod, but didn’t debut with the main iPod line. As an alternative, it was section of the 1st technology of the iPod mini. (The to start with-technology iPod experienced an true rotating scroll wheel and four hardware buttons the third-technology iPod obtainable at the time had a contact-sensitive scroll wheel but committed buttons together the top.) 

Announced on January 6, 2004, the iPod mini was a playful shot across the bow of the sector. Obtainable in silver, blue, eco-friendly, pink, and gold, and actually pocket sized, it did not subject that it could hold fewer songs than the 3rd-era iPod. 

The Click on Wheel would continue to be applied in 2nd-generation iPod mini, the fourth, fifth, and sixth-era iPods, and the initially via fifth generations of the iPod nano. The only iPods not to use it had been the Shuffle line, the iPod Contact, and the contact-display screen generations of the Nano.

iPod Basic (6th generation)

Until eventually 2007, the iPod was just named the iPod (or iPod by Apple, devoid of the definite article in advance of it, which has constantly sounded bizarre). It wasn’t right up until the sixth era that it would get the moniker “Classic,” and that would be retroactively included to all the previous iPod versions. 

Produced two months right after the very first Iphone, the iPod Basic was radically out of date even as it debuted. Confident, it experienced a shade display screen and could enjoy movies, but it was generally just the system Apple experienced declared in 2001 with a much larger tough travel. It’s no speculate that it was—aside from some battery and capability tweaks in 2008 and 2009—the past Classic iPod built. 

For all that, it trapped around. The iPod Basic was bought basically unchanged for seven a long time, before Apple discontinued it in 2014. It took a incredibly long time just before smartphones acquired to the issue that individuals seriously did not want a committed MP3 player. 

3 iPod models now etched in gadget history
This is the next era of the iPod nano, which came out in 2006. Apple

iPod nano (6th technology)

For all its cultural effect, the iPod mini line lasted much less than two years—it was officially discontinued on September 7, 2005, and replaced with the iPod nano.

Whilst the 1st via fifth generations of the iPod nano repackaged the common iPod knowledge in a selection of modest and colorful styles, it was the sixth-generation, released on September 1, 2010, that created a real statement—and was miles forward of its time. 

The sixth-era iPod nano was wild. It in essence took an iPod Shuffle and additional a 1.5-inch multi-touch display screen, like a lesser edition of that located in the Iphone or iPod Contact. What doable use was there for this sort of an innovative touchscreen on an iPod Shuffle? Future to none, it seems: The only genuine multi-touch attribute was that you could rotate the monitor using a two-finger twist. 

But it wasn’t what the sixth-generation iPod nano could do (or unsuccessful to do) that made it important, but what it hinted at. It experienced a pedometer, a conditioning application, and integrated with Nike+. It experienced clock faces, such as an special Mickey Mouse just one. You could even get a 3rd-social gathering strap and put on it on your wrist. Seem acquainted? Yes, the sixth era iPod nano was an completely awful precursor to the Apple Look at. But it also showed just how hungry some men and women were for a wonderful smartwatch. They have been just five several years far too early. 

Finally, shorter of the Iphone, just about no other gadget has so dominated pop lifestyle in the last two many years. Goodbye, aged buddy: The occasions we shared sure experienced a awesome, pocket-sized soundtrack. 


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