Ultrasound Pop Art

We all thought we knew everything about first portraits. These were most commonly taken as soon as the baby was born. But then, some parents and some artists got together with some science and changed that too. Ultrasound pop art was created out of the science of ultrasound, the creativity of artists and the enthusiasm of parents. Here is more about this form of pop art and how it can be used.

What are ultrasound scans?

Ultrasound machines use the help of sound waves and its echoes to understand the size and structure of internal body organs. In case of sonography during pregnancy, ultrasound is used for understanding the development of the foetus, check for multiple pregnancies and also check for abnormalities.

How does it work?

The equipment for ultrasound scanning resembles a paint roller connected to a larger device with a monitor. The roller is moved over the skin and when this is done, ultrasound waves are transmitted from the roller to inside the body. Reflection rates of these waves are then measured and demonstrated on the screen. The visuals obtained showcase the outline and density of the organs that are scanned. In case of a foetal sonogram, the image showcases the placenta and the baby attached to it through the umbilical cord.

What are the important elements of a foetal ultrasound?

An ultrasound scan showcases various dark, white and gray areas. Of these, the white or grey areas show bone and tissue while dark areas show amniotic fluid. Technical experts then use scales to measure the development of the baby and its various organs as clearly as possible.

How can scans be converted to art?

With the help of creative inspiration and digital technologies, it is now possible to convert boring-looking ultrasound scans to inspirational pieces of art. All you need to do is take the e-version of the scan or take a good USG print and scan it. You can then send it across to portrait providers, who will use bright colours and creative techniques to better define the baby in the womb.

What media are good for such reproductions?

While many people prefer digital prints, today a wide range of artistic options are available for ultrasound art. Canvas portraits are an excellent option as the finish of the portrait can look great. Also, cloth, ceramic mugs and tiles, cushions, clocks, bags and watches are good options too. If you are planning for a baby shower, and considering to order personalised return gifts, then ultrasound pop art on mediums of key chains, clocks or tags may be a good idea.

When portraits were created soon after babies were born, this merger of the science and arts changed all that. What resulted was a breathtaking style that could capture a moment in life that we could never have seen otherwise. These portraits are remarkable for they capture the unseen. And they capture a very important moment. If you too are expecting your child, perhaps the best time to start planning for is now. Do not just decide on the baby’s name and the room’s colour, also start planning for a memorable ultrasound pop art portrait to decorate the room’s wall with.

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