Vian Borchert and Her Visual Poetry


Vian Borchert is an expressionist artist and poet. Her do the job has been showcased in team and solo exhibitions in the US and overseas. Fine Art Shippers spoke with her about visible and composed poetry, her like of architecture, the sea, and blue shade.

Artist Communicate: Vian Borchert and Her Visual Poetry

You refer to your artwork as “visual poems.” What is your definition of poetry? What is visible poetry as opposed to prepared verse?

Vian Borchert: It is all interconnected, at the very least for me, due to the fact I also create poetry. I have been writing poetry and producing art considering the fact that I was a minor child, so it’s an inherent part of who I am, my persona. I consider poetry is similar to summary art in that it requires symbolism and secret. There is a great deal of creativeness associated, you can participate in with metaphors, allusions, and a large amount of other items that language gives you. And that’s what I do in artwork as perfectly. I want the viewer to use their creativity and enable the unconscious operate wild. In art, we use the visible “words” – colours, textures, strains, and styles. Whilst it is a distinct medium, I see kinship. Both poetry and art find to capture fleeting moments and the feelings those people moments evoke.

Vian Borchert. Baby Breath, 2022

Talking of your character. You are American, but you ended up born in Lebanon and lived in the Middle East as a child. How has this intersection of cultures affected the way you understand the planet and make artwork?

I am also of Mediterranean descent. I grew up in a very diverse environment, with lots of unique cultures, which I consider is wonderful. In the early 1970s, Lebanon was thought of the French Riviera of the Arab environment, it was a interesting spot. But I was born all through the Civil War and did not have the prospect to see that beauty. The war pressured my mothers and fathers to flee the region and go to Jordan, the place I used my early childhood. This portion of the world is so loaded in background, it is comprehensive of beautiful ruins and web pages that captured my imagination. Then we came to The us and settled in Maryland. I have lived in the U.S. at any time given that, but I journey a whole lot and take into account myself much more global. I am an explorer who likes to find out matters.

Vian Borchert. Edgy Blues, 2022

What is your resourceful method and approach to art?

I used to paint largely with oils but then switched to acrylics, which I can make seem like oil. Due to the fact I paint in my house studio, acrylic is friendlier to me and the atmosphere. The process is rather feverish, I would not propose it to any individual. I am a night time owl, I like to get started doing work when all people is asleep. I want it when it’s truly silent. I typically put on songs I like, but sometimes I paint in complete silence. I continue to be up all evening until eventually I am totally exhausted bodily and mentally. I ordinarily do the job on a collection of paintings at the exact time. I like to experiment, for me it is a journey of self-discovery.

What have you been performing on recently?

The most the latest series I have done is for an impending exhibition, “Flora and Fawna,” which will be at Lichtundfire Gallery from July 27 till August 26, 2022. I do not ordinarily do floral get the job done, but this was an fascinating encounter since I enjoy flowers and character in typical. The paintings are imaginative floral landscapes that evoke lengthy-neglected tales, poetry, and mother nature. I did not want to depict real flowers, but alternatively a floral, misty landscape that captures the essence and a deeper indicating at the rear of it. The notion for “Flora and Fawna”, as perfectly as a further exhibition that just ended, “Summer Blues”, is by Lichtundfire gallery’s curator Priska Juschka.

“Summer Blues” is a monochromatic collection in blue encouraged by New York architecture. I am an architect at heart, I adore properties. I have usually puzzled why we do not see enough architectural artwork or drawings in museums. I manufactured these paintings specifically for the exhibition. The generation of the blue cityscapes was so satisfying in phrases of the result and the gratification I felt just after completing the series.

You say that blue is your preferred shade. Why do you enjoy it so much? How does it converse to you?

Blue provides me a feeling of calm and serenity. I have always liked searching at the sky. Also, the Mediterranean is second character to me mainly because of my roots. I enjoy the sea, its vastness, and its magnificence. The salty sea breeze, the gentle waves, the seagulls – it is all so refreshing and rejuvenating.

As an artist, you often have to ship your artwork to exhibitions or shoppers. What encounters have you had in this regard?

I have exhibited thoroughly in Washington DC, exactly where I live, and in New York, so I normally do not have to ship considerably. Nevertheless, expert artwork shipping is definitely essential for the reason that artists do not often know how to pack and safe the operate for the duration of delivery. So I would absolutely advocate thinking about a company like Great Artwork Shippers, who you can have confidence in with your artwork and be guaranteed that it will be sent safely and securely and intact.

Vian Borchert. Over Fields, 2022

Photograph courtesy of Vian Borchert


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