Visual Art launches its summer program


The Visual Art Center of the Ministry of Culture launched its summer program, which aims to educate community members and encourage them to practice visual arts. It aims to discover, attract and nurture artistic talents to help highlight their talents on the artistic scene. The program includes training talents inside the center’s halls by launching a package of technical training workshops. It includes the following set of courses: Monochrome painting using acrylic colours, presented by the artist Moza al-Miqbali, an advanced level drawing, by the artist Fatima al-Mannai, in addition she is to conduct a workshop on the basics of drawing and coloring for beginners. The program targets all age groups, through a variety of workshops to suit them.

The Visual Art Center opening hours are: Sunday to Thursday 8:00am till 2:00 pm; Friday and Saturday off; email address: [email protected]



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