Day: June 9, 2020

Inside Frank Lloyd Wright’s Astounding Legacy

On a recent Thursday, the Kraus House in Missouri, one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s last Usonian homes, was toured more than 1,700 times. The Martin House in Buffalo, New York, was toured more than 1,800 times. In the midst of the pandemic, Wright’s architecture was still drawing visitors (albeit via Instagram), proof that 61 years after the architect’s death, Wright’s work continues to fascinate and inspire. The continued importance was affirmed in 2019 when a group of eight of Wright’s buildings were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List, the first modern architectural designation in the United States. “Le Corbusier or Mies van der Rohe—they’re incredibly famous as architects,” says architect Lynnette Widder, who restored a home in Usonia built by Wright’s protogée Kaneji Domoto. “But they’re not necessarily famous as popular figures. There’s footage of Frank Lloyd Wright on 1950s game shows. [Wright was a mystery guest on What’s

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Yvonne Orji Reintroduces Herself With a Rip-Roaring Standup Special

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Yvonne Orji, co-star of the acclaimed HBO series “Insecure,” has seen her popularity rise steadily since the show premiered in 2016. Many know Orji best for playing Molly in that show, but her roots are actually in stand-up, a craft she spent years honing prior to an acting career. And as “Insecure” wraps up its fourth season in June, Orji debuts her first-ever comedy special, an HBO showcase titled “Yvonne Orji: Momma, I Made It!” in which she both celebrates and pokes fun at her Nigerian-American upbringing with razor-sharp wit and confidence.

Filmed before a live audience at the Howard Theatre in Washington, D.C., the rip-roaring hour-long performance finds Orji waxing comedic on family, fame, love, financial security, and more, as seen through the experiences of a Nigerian-American woman. The performance is occasionally interrupted by funny and moving video clips of Orji

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