5 Tips to Help You Break Free From The Box and Capture More Dynamic Male Portraits

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Of course, as a photographer, when shooting portraits of men, you need to make sure that your pictures stand out and resonate with the people viewing them. This can be better said than done. But if you are equipped with the right tips and practice more, you will be able to learn photography and make more dynamic male portraits. 

Portrait photography has been around since the dawn of photography. It is a style of photography that portrays human subjects.  

In this article, we discuss 5 tips that can help you create dynamic portraits. Let’s delve into them.

  1. Know Your Subject

One of the best tips that can help you capture a more dynamic portrait is knowing your subject. The more understanding and knowledge you have of your subject, the more it will be easier for you to take great photos of them. This can also help you highlight your male subject’s masculinity or even direct your subject into more natural-looking male poses. Whichever the case, having some understanding of your male subject can go a long way in helping you produce better, more dynamic photos.

  1. Don’t Focus Too Much On Your Equipment

This is a very common mistake among many new photographers. Well, while it is a good thing to know your camera and use it confidently, you need to focus more on your subject so that you can connect in a good way since you are not distracted. You can easily achieve this by doing your research and practicing a lot. Focusing on your subject as opposed to your equipment can help you create those dynamic portraits you want. 

  1. Use Camera Settings You Are Comfortable With

This tip may seem quite obvious but a lot of photographs tend to overlook it. Using camera settings that you’re comfortable with allows you to focus more on the subject. Of course, when you work with a camera that you are not familiar with, your focus will be on the camera, not your subject. And this may affect the quality of your portrait. The best thing you can do is to learn how to shoot in manual mode.

Instead, you should be familiar with the camera you are using and understand how it works so that you can create compelling portraits.

  1. Pay Attention To Light

Light is a very crucial aspect of lifestyle photography. If you take a portrait with good light, it will definitely look good. However, choosing light can be quite challenging. The rule of the thumb is to select an environment that has a soft, diffused natural light from an indirect source. Such an environment is perfect for shooting portraits. A full sun or direct, harsh light can cast unwanted dark shadows or even create unnatural skin colors. The best thing you can do is to use a white sheet or a softbox to help soften the light.

  1. Get Very Close

To get the perfect sunset silhouette portrait, sometimes it is good to get very close to your subject. Moving closer to your subject can help add incredible depth to a photo. According to experts, if your pictures aren’t good enough, it could be because you are not close enough.