Pay attention to our A Foreseeable future Planet podcast exploring NFTs and the long term of art

“Ownership is a single of the last frontiers (of) the digital area.” These are the words of Dee Goens, the co-creator of NFT Market Zora, speaking to Spike editor and arts author Dean Kissick in the initial episode of our new podcast collection for A Long run Entire world. 

You can not converse about the foreseeable future correct now devoid of chatting about non-fungible tokens, the crypto-technologies that is shaking up the artwork globe for superior or worse in 2021. But are they a utopian democratiser, or creative imagination-flattener? Does the rise of the NFT spell the finish of the net remaining “free” as we know it? What does democratisation, and decentralisation, of the art world in fact seem like? And why are some people today so mad about it?

In the episode, hosted by previous Dazed Electronic Arts Editor Ashleigh Kane, now an artwork writer and resourceful marketing consultant,, Kissick and Goens deal with these inquiries and raise the veil on how NFTs perform, as very well as what they essentially spell for the art environment and all the adjacent audio-visual tradition we encounter through the lens of the world-wide-web.

For Goens, “it is 100 for each cent revolutionising the knowledge of how we very own information and facts on the web. You can now have a provable, canonical very first occasion of that legendary meme, or that GIF, and the price that that creates more than its lifespan can actually accrue again to the provable creator of that meme, or that GIF.”

For Kissick, there is additional of an open query about how a great deal issues will alter in the a lot more storied corners of the art world. “I never assume it is likely to lead to full democratisation of the arts, but if you haven’t observed on your own in which you want to be, or you have no fascination in going through a perfectly-trodden path, you are just free of charge to do your individual factor. And that is great, correct?”

For this and a lot more “vibey stuff” (Goens text), listen to the pair and Dean Kissick go head to head on NFTs below: